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The Iowa Republican - Disappointed in Iowa Campaign Staff for Dr. Paul

The Iowa Republican put together an interesting article today...

If what they say is true, then we really have reason to be irked by the official campaign.

I understand it may not be cost-efficient to employ the campaign staff at full capacity for a few weeks after the Straw Poll, but this is Iowa.

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Romney acknowledges Paul's success at Ames

"I think it was a great show of strength for Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul. ... i think it had significance for the people who participated in that poll." -- Romney

This is encouraging. Maybe Romney doesn't think of Paul as a serious threat, in the same way that many say Bachmann is Romney's ideal opponent. That's great if Romney thinks Paul will be easy to conquer, allowing Paul to rise without resisting. When the field narrows, Romney will realize too late that the kitten he let out of the cage was actually a tiger cub.

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It's Official: The media is ignoring Ron Paul

It's official: There is now a nonpartisan study confirming the Great Ron Paul Blow-Off. Dude lost the Ames Straw Poll by 152 votes to uh...uh...what's her name... but SHE got the Sunday morning chat show invites while the punditocracy treated Dr. Paul like he was Thaddeus McCotter.

You've heard everybody from Jon Stewart to well, Ron Paul complain about it, but now we have a study from the nonpartisan Pew Research Center to back it up. The bar graph don't lie:

Read more:

And now...

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Ron Paul Interview With CNN's Wolf Blitzer 08/18/ 2011

Airing Date 08/18/ 2011

Ron Paul Interview With Cnn's Wolf Blitzer 08/18/ 2011

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What Ron Paul's 2nd Place at Ames Really Meant

I worked on the Paul campaign in 2007/2008, raising funds, organizing a 500-strong city-wide Meetup group, planning and executing rallies and marches, holding sign-wavings, renting booths at festivals, and ignoring my wife and kids while I wrote essays and articles on various blogs about how great it would be if Ron Paul were President and why I supported him.

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After Near-Win at Poll, Ron Paul Fights for Respect

Ron Paul fell just 152 votes short of victory in last weekend's Iowa straw poll, but it was a long drop in terms of attention from media and political commentators.

Instead, observers in Iowa and nationally have coalesced around straw poll winner Michele Bachmann, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry as the front-runners in the Republican presidential field.
Paul's message is strongly libertarian, calling for smaller government, a scrapping of the nation's current monetary policy and less military action abroad.

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A different look on the Ames Straw Poll Results

Now that the media has recognized that ignoring Ron Paul is no longer a credible option, a number of articles return to the "unelectable" stance. They often state how Rep. Paul's supporters are loyal and vocal, but haven't grown in number significantly from the 2008 elections. If we look at the Ames Poll from a different perspective we can take steps to disprove this myth. Let us simply extract his showing from the 2007 and 2011 Ames Straw Polls and look at that. We can ignore the finishing places and simply look at the numbers to get an idea of how much his campaign has grown.

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