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The Press, Ron Paul, and Political Theater, by Andrew Schiff

Andrew Schiff's thoughts on why the press doesn't cover Ron Paul and why they and the public think he can't win.

He explains why, "our politicians are allowed to never admit the truth, always blame the opponent, never answer the question that is asked, always respond in platitudes rather than substance, and rigorously stay on message, even when the message is muddled."

Excepting Ron Paul, of course.

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Biden Vs Napolitano

I've been wondering if the Judge is going to be Dr. Paul's running mate when he gets the nomination. 've noticed he hasn't been on Fox much lately (who can blame him), so it makes me wonder if something is going on. Could you imagine the Judge "debating" Joe Biden? Jon Stewart would have material for months

If there is one person I'd have a tough time choosing Dr. Paul over, it's the Judge. I believe he is the most articulate spokesman for our cause.'

A dream world would be Paul for 8 years followed by Napolitano for 8 years. This country would be COMPLETELY different

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