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Ron Paul’s View On Foreign Occupations Supported By US Troops

Ignoring the facts, establishment media smears Congressman as “defending Al-Qaeda”

The establishment media is once again attempting to smear Ron Paul as anti-American following Paul’s simple observation during the debate last night that foreign occupations increase the risk of terrorist attacks, when in reality the Texan Congressman’s views are endorsed by US military personnel more than any other Republican candidate.

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Army says improperly tested $2.5 billion body armor is safe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Body armor worth $2.5 billion that the Department of Defense's Inspector General found had been improperly tested poses no hazard to troops, according to the Army.

The Army cut corners and skipped tests altogether on seven body armor contracts, a DoD IG report released August 1 said.

Army spokesman Matthew Hickman said on Wednesday that the report never concluded that safety of soldiers wearing the body armor was at issue.

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