2 votes Recruitment Cards

With thousands of groups dedicated to showing their support on the streets these are great to have in your pocket if you are in an active community yourself.

Get off Youtube and forums where you are just preaching to the choir. Get involved with spreading Dr. Paul's message to people who might not have been made aware. Help more people have their "Ron Paul Moment".

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My Ron Paul Painting Poster Prints

Stopping in to share my page with my Ron Paul Painting I did available in poster prints. Be sure to check back to see new designs including a "Ron Paul: Champion of the Constitution" version.

Thanks for taking a look!


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New Flynndidy Ron Paul Spray Painting

I made this video because I didn't feel like I did a good enough Job reaching out and spreading the message of Ron Paul in my first here it is...The NEW and Improved... RON PAUL SPRAY PAINTING...I hope all you Dr. Paul supporters enjoy!

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The Sidewalk to Serfdom - Austrian Economics is now considered "cool"

You know we are winning when you're walking in NYC and see sidewalk art of an Austrian economist:

For those that want to see it, the artwork is on 112 and Broadway in NYC.

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Artwork 4 Liberty

This is my art homage to Ron Paul and all you Zelda founds out there.

This is my homage to Superman of the golden age.Fleischer style

photoshop digital crops for shidz and giggles

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