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The final nail on Rick Perry - this will do him in, but which candidate will throw this punch?

At the very least - Dr. Paul, if you or anyone of your staff reads this, please address and make an issue of the scope and legitimacy of executive orders.

  1. Executive orders apply to executive branch employees. THEY DO NOT APPLY TO THE AVERAGE CITIZEN.
  2. Since Governor Perry does not understand this limitation on Executive Authority he has shown himself unfit to be the leader of a free People.
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TYT on Paul Perry photos.

Cenk Uygur is at it again and he actually runs the ad and ron pauls respons to all the questions about the pictures. This time he shared some honest words about what he thinks about the photos.

To bad he thinks "Al Gore is right about EVERYTHING" which to me is a little weird.

Here's the video link for YouTube:

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