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The "attack phase" has started: Mark Levin smears Ron Paul and supporters! Strong words. Your blood will boil!

I think this is good news. First they ignore you, than, they attack you and than, you win.
Mark Levin smeared us pretty hard with disrespectful and strong words. He even called Ron Paul Supporters Bastards. He is full of hate, lies and half-truth. If you want to hear what he said, try the link below, it start after 18 minutes.

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Mark Levin's Jejune Attacks on Jack Hunter and Mike Church

Mark Levin is at it again. Boy, is this man pretentious or what? His intellect in "debate" is like that between two five year olds arguing over pieces of candy on the playground. You will notice the smears, the name calling, the lack of substance, basically a childish reply. This is the man who refused to debate Tom Woods. If he's so tough, so big and haughty, he would certainly wipe the floor with Tom Woods, right? Or Kevin Gutzman? No, he just retreats and smears, retreats and smears, recycle and do again.

To Jack Hunter:

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American Spectator plays the name game to attack Ron Paul

Notice that there isn't one mention of Eisenhower.

Let him have it! His email is

and I know for a fact he reads it,

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