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Big Business Pushes Scheme to Kill Smaller Competitors

Austrian economists are smart enough to know that most government forms of regulation benefit big business while stifling upstart competitors. Wall Street supported the creation of the Fed. Phillip Morris pushed federal regulations of tobacco. Citibank and other big banks pushed for the passage of President Obama’s financial reform legislation. While legislators love to talk about how government regulation helps consumers, the reality is far different. Most government regulations help big companies that can bear the added cost and stifle upstart competitors.

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Response to Brent Budowsky: Ron Paul is a Big Bank's Nightmare

From Dawn of the Weak:

Brent Budowsky recently criticized Ron Paul supporters for being "8-year-old crybabies", which, honestly, is how some Paul supporters conduct themselves. For these Paulites every slight is a conspiracy by the NWO and the way to respond to these slights is to kick and scream with ad hominem attacks that would make Rick "Christian by faith, Darwinian by military right" Santorum proud.

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Difference between Keynes & Hayek.

Planned vs. Free Market. Excellent video from the Mises Institute 45 minutes by Dr. Roger W. Garrison of Auburn University.

Simple & easy to understand. Great for jumping into the fundamental differences between the two.

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What good is a job if it doesn't buy you much?

I was thinking to myself the other day how stupid it sounds to say: "We need more jobs".

Remember when a family could be supported by one salary? Well, that still would be the case if we had a sound currency.

A sound currency would keep prices down, allowing people to easily buy the basic things they need to live comfortably.

The problem isn't that we need more jobs, it's that the cost of living is too high!

Ron Paul needs to say this during the debates... I think it's a great way of explaining inflation and the importance of adopting a sound currency.

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It's a Liability to Be So Stable

This was proven when the Swiss National Bank decided to peg its Swiss Franc to the Euro to protect the country's successful economy. The Franc had been out-performing most currencies around the world, however their export-driven economy, that is supported by the deteriorating countries around them, was starting to see a dead-end road ahead. And not only have they set the floor of the Franc to 1.20 to the Euro (EBS), they also plan on buying "large quantities" of foreign currencies.

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Bastiat's "Broken Window Fallacy" Cited on NPR!

After Dr. Paul cured my apathy, I began studying free-market economics. One fantastic primer, I'm sure many of you have read, is Henry Hazlitt's "Economics in One Lesson."

This NPR / Planet Money story on Hurricane Irene discusses the "Broken Window" fallacy:

What's amazing are all the commenters who disagree with the Broken Window fallacy. They keep shouting: "no no no, this guy is stupid, of COURSE it helps the economy when people rebuild!"

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Video Update: Ron Paul on FOX News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace

Congressman Paul will be on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Fox News Network this Sunday, August 28th. Check local listings for the time.
Thank Chris Wallace: FOX News Sunday
~or phone Fox News: "you'll have a unique opportunity to make your voice heard and affect change at can call us at 1-888-369-4762."

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The Sidewalk to Serfdom - Austrian Economics is now considered "cool"

You know we are winning when you're walking in NYC and see sidewalk art of an Austrian economist:

For those that want to see it, the artwork is on 112 and Broadway in NYC.

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Austrian Economics: Why It Matters (Video)

Tom Woods stops by "On Money" in Wheeling, West Virginia, before speaking to the West Liberty Economics Club at West Liberty University.

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Why isn’t the campaign video recording all of Ron Paul’s public speeches and Q&A sessions?

Why isn’t the campaign video recording all of Ron Paul’s public speeches and Q&A sessions?

Ron Paul has given a few speeches since he started his campaign for the presidency, yet I believe I have seen only one that may have been recorded by the campaign. (Speech in Cedar Rapids?)

(I have a few of Ron Paul's public speeches on my site here: http://www.ronpauldailyne...)

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