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Infowars Insider Reports On GOP Strategist Saying That Paul Can Win GOP Nomination

The free subscription email newsletter has this article about the segment on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch with the Judge interviewing GOP Strategist Jack Burkman.

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By Paul Joseph Watson

Republican Strategist Jack Burkman told Fox Business host Judge Andrew Napolitano that "Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination," given the fact that Perry and Romney's campaigns have started to crumble whereas Herman Cain has no real political experience.

Watch the video here -

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Will Bachmann Be The Next To Drop Out?

I was considering this question during and after tonight's debate, and I really believe that Bachmann will be the next candidate to drop out.

She was nodding in agreement with Dr. Paul more than once during the debate, and has expressed her admiration for him several times over the last couple of years. If she drops out, do you think she'll endorse Ron Paul? If so, will this directly affect the polling numbers, maybe take him to 20%? If not, why not?

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As Long As Someone BESIDES Ron Paul Wins A Straw Poll

I was watching the all amazing FAIR AND BALANCED fox news and it doesn't shock me AT ALL anymore as to how biased this so called news network really is.

I love how they state that the msm isn't allowing Ron Paul to SURGE from his straw poll wins unlike cain and the others.

Does fox really think that WE believe that THEY are not the msm? Does fox really think that THEY are actually fair and balanced or are ALL the reporters that crooked as human beings and will do or say ANYTHING just to collect a paycheck?

How was bachmanns straw poll win different from rons?

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Bachmann running on fumes in Iowa

This could be a good time to speak to Bachmann supporters about donating to a cause that can win

If you're looking for evidence that Michele Bachmann's campaign is struggling to stay out of the red, financially, and keep forward momentum in Iowa, here it is from the Los Angeles Times:

Top Republicans neutral in the race say she squandered opportunities to build on her win and are baffled by the decisions her campaign is making, notably limiting most of her campaigning to Waterloo and the large cities of Des Moines, Ames and Cedar Rapids. …

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Bachmann Out Before Voting Begins? Time To Reach Out

Looks like Bachmann might be running out of money:

Is it time to reach out to her supporters? We can easily win Iowa if we can get a majority of her supporters, granted she drops out before voting begins. We were also talking about how if a candidate drops out, any delegates they win can change their vote at the convention, should we start asking her supporters to back Paul as their second choice if she drops out before the convention?

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Good move by the campaign

On the day of an over politicized straw poll, the Ron Paul presidential campaign made the conscience decision to play a smaller role in the Florida Straw Poll, and it worked perfectly.

Perry lost, and the alleged "third place candidate" Bachmann, was in dead last with 1.2%.

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Help Michele Bachmann find her missing children

It struck me funny watching the so called 'Tea Party Debate' that Michele Bachmann forgot some of her children. So many times in the past she had made sure to mention the five children of hers naturally also while getting in the big 20 something little girls she boarded for the eating disorder program. But here she was during this debate claiming only three? *full stop* What? Did I just hear her mess that up? What woman forgets how many children she has or doesn't finish a sentence like that with a qualifier of some kind?

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Ron Paul the 13th Floor Again!

Hey Everyone,

I found an article at CBS that ignores Ron Paul's current Polling numbers and places Bachmann in the #3 slot get the word out about this. See the link below:

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Sarah Palin: Ron Paul may be in front of Michele Bachmann

...of the current Republican lineup, Palin told Hanity, "I think people are still going to be coming and going because there is still time, and I’m still one of those still considering." When Hannity asked her thoughts on the current "top three" -- Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Michele Bachmann, Palin flinched ever so slightly. "Ron Paul may be in front of Michele Bachmann, according to certain polls. Shoot, I’ve seen my own name up there in the top three."

Read more:

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Mudslinging for the good doctor!

Two videos made for some classic mudslinging at the other candidates

Please "like" all the videos on that channel if you want more.

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The Hill - Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Should Call on Rick Perry to Drop Out

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should consider calling on Rick Perry to drop out of the campaign because in the last debate, he falsely claimed that he had raised only $5,000 from the company involved with his ill-fated vaccination program. Paul and Bachmann have championed the conservative use of taxpayer dollars. No issue more powerfully makes their point than Rick Perry raising huge campaign money from a firm that would make a fortune from his program, and then bearing false witness about it during a nationally televised debate.

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Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should call on Rick Perry to drop out

"Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should consider calling on Rick Perry to drop out of the campaign because in the last debate, he falsely claimed that he had raised only $5,000 from the company involved with his ill-fated vaccination program....."

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Is it me or did Romney & Bachmann seem a little too friendly last night?

Perhaps this might shed some light on the subject?

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