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Banker John Allison explains why banks aren't making loans
another clip from the same interview -
Banker John Allison: bank bailouts not a success:

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Ron Paul: Bankers Best Friend

This is so off the mark it's kinda funny:

"As for Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Chris Christie and many other Republicans, they are the bailed-out bankers’ boys."

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Now, the IMF needs a bailout

Christine Lagarde: IMF may need billions in extra funding

Louise Armitstead and Jonathan Russell

8:04PM BST 25 Sep 2011

The head of the IMF has warned that its $384bn (£248bn) war chest designed as an emergency bail-out fund is inadequate to deliver the scale of the support required by troubled states.

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Rick Perry lies about supporting TARP

Rick Perry has lied multiple times about supporting TARP

Here he lies to a reporter who confronts him about it. There's also a video of an ad attacking Kay Bailey Hutchinson for supporting TARP and a video that proves Perry is lying.

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Fed bales out Europe again

un-freakin' believable -we just bailed out half of Europe -again!!

I remember Ron asking Bernakie if we were going to bail out Greece, Ireland and he said no. Wow Ron was so right on

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The Way to Turn People Away from Perry and Romney

Talk about the bailouts. They both supported them. If you supported the bailouts you may not be the nominee, period. If you support taking our money and giving it to Wall Street speculators, if you want to take bad assets and dump them on the american people, then you cannot be the next president, and you ought to be so shamed that you wouldn't even dare run. if you vote for them you are supporting the bailouts.
Just reinforce this and they will slide. Ron should be the one to highlight it. Tea Party would never vote for them. Most Americans wouldn't.

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Presidential administration agrees,BoA deserves immunity from all its bad foreclosure behavior

What's the worse than Bank of America acting as if it deserves immunity from all its bad foreclosure behavior? A presidential administration that agrees.

President Obama's administration is putting pressure on New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to give into a deal with big banks that would block him from bringing future mortgage investigations, Grethchen Morgenson reports in The New York Times today.

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Bailouts and how did they work?

I have been researching the history of the dollar and I found a useful site,

I found that in the summer of 2008 the US dollar became worth more and more against the Pound, Euro, CAD dollar, etc. The trend seems to be universally consistent.

The Bailout happened why? Why dillute a dollar that is strengthening and if you are going to dillute it...why give the money to the banks?

The emergency looks like it if we'd let it play out, would've made individual Americans wealthier.

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on CSPAN, Bank of America to Perry: 'We will help you out"

Bank of America's Public Policy Director approaches Rick Perry at a New Hampshire event, and CSPAN's cameras catch him saying, "Bank of America...we will help you out."

The quid pro quo undoubtedly involves you, dear taxpayer, surrendering more money and freedom.

Link to video here:

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