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Another Shot for 'The Industry' to open for a famous band. UPDATE: Got the most votes but shot down!


Thanks to everyone who voted for us, "The Industry", to open for "The Parlotones" this Friday here in Atlanta. The good news is, Thanks To You, That we got the most votes. However, their agent sent this message along today.

From Agent:
due to prior support bookings there aren’t any spots available.

So we will not be opening for them this Friday after all. Which is pretty lame if you ask me.

If anyone is interested here's the Agent's email address:

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Update: We are opening for Incubus! Thank You Daily Paul!


THANK YOU DailyPaul we are now opening for Incubus this Saturday! We are SOOO excited. All thanks to Daily Paul for getting the vote out. We made the top 4 and Incubus selected us for the gig!

Thank You DP. To keep up to date on everything here is our facebook:

Also just for DP here's another one of our tunes off of our upcoming album


Greetings Daily Paul. I've been a part of this community since almost the very beginning (pushing 4 years now) I've been a regular contributor and several of my articles have even made the front page over the years. I was a meetup organizer in 2008 and am again now.

I hope that perhaps this long relationship give me the privilege to ask for a very small favor. If DPers are good at one thing it is voting in online polls. My band "The Industry" has a REAL shot to open for world famous band, Incubus, when they come to Atlanta this month. But we need to be voted into the top 4 of 20 or so bands. Luckily we are at the top of the list so we are easy to find.

The video we have in the running is us playing our song "SaveYour," live in concert here in Atlanta. This song was written in 2008-9 and was directly inspired by Ron Paul and the awakening that I felt in 2007.

The chorus of the song reads "To Save Your Life, You've got to See The Lies" Hence the title SaveYour, which is also a loose reference to Ron Paul as a sort of savior of our nation in that understanding Dr. Paul's message you can become your own SaveYour. Not in a religious sense though in a survival sense.

All of my band members are supporters and if we make it to the stage with Incubus I'll be sure to plug Ron Paul in front of thousands of people.

Playing music has been a life long passion of mine and marrying that with my new passion for Freedom and Liberty has been a fantastic thing for me. I appreciate everyone voting thank you for allowing me to make this special appeal here on this forum which has been my most active online community since 2007. Music can change the world... with your help. Please share if you like what you see!

Thanks to all that have voted so far... This is so awesome!

If You like what you see in the video be sure to friend us on facebook:

Also just for DP here's another one of our tunes off of our upcoming album
This is also a liberty inspired song about the shills out there that pull the strings and those who are perfectly comfortable with it!

Most Sincerely,
Rich Clarke

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