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4.6 million dollar donation by J.P. Morgan led to Brooklyn Bridge protest mass arrests

Found this on Anonnews and pastebin this morning

Greetings citizens of the world,

For over the past few days, we have seen our allies occupying New York City being seized in unlawful ways.

Shortly after a 4.6 million dollar donation by J.P. Morgan, the NYPD began planning and executing their aggressive and tactful mass arrest on the Brooklyn bridge which seemed more like entrapment from the eyes of many.

In solidarity with the ones arrested, we are publicizing private information on the associated bankers and officers.

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Sanctions vs. Central Bank.Iran

"Senators Push for Bank Sanctions

U.S. lawmakers, meanwhile, are pressing the Obama administration to adopt additional sanctions targeting Iran’s central bank, a move that could reduce Iran’s oil revenues but also affect world energy markets and raise oil prices.

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The North Dakota "Miracle"

North Dakota has had the nation's lowest unemployment ever since the economy tanked. What's its secret?
It is not just the oil. Further, they have recently LOWERED income and property taxes.

Read about the "miracle":

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Inflating War

Here's a great article by Thomas DiLorenzo. Central banking and militarism are intimately related.

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A Ron Paul Economics for Dummies Website

This site does a really good job of laying out an overview of the system, might help some people understand what he's trying to say when he gets the 30 seconds to explain the economy in the debates.

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Free Lakota Bank

"The Free Lakota Bank is the world's only non-reserve, non-fractional bank that issues, accepts for deposit, and circulates REAL money: .999 fine silver."

Does anybody bank with FLB? Can you tell us anything about your experience with them?


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Wells Fargo Says "Gold Bubble Poised to Burst", Mish Says "Wells Fargo Bubble Poised to Burst"

I suspect there will be a retest of that March 2009 low if and when Wells Fargo has to mark-to-market its balance sheet chock full of piss-poor real estate loans and other assets. Then again, the market may take things into its own hands first.

Furthermore, were it not for taxpayer bailouts and extraordinary support from the Fed and Congress, Wells Fargo may have gone to zero in 2009.

Regardless, Wells Fargo is a far better short than gold given the US economic backdrop, weakening global economy, and the competitive currency debasement practices of central bankers throughout the world.

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US Banks Begin Charging Monthly Debit-Card Fees

-Wells Fargo to pilot $3 monthly debit-card fee in some markets

--SunTrust and Regions among those that will charge fee

--TCF Financial predicts every bank will end up with some fee

By Matthias Rieker and David Benoit

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) is joining a growing number of banks that are introducing or testing a monthly fee for debit cards, casting around for revenue lost to debit-card regulatory restrictions.

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