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Death to Righthaven! Bankruptcy on the horizon =)

Yes, it appears the tirade is almost over.

Since Righthaven decided to prosecute bloggers and community based websites like Daily Paul in an overreaching attempt to censor the internet for profit, they have suddenly been hit with one setback after another, grinding their copyright trolling strategy to a screeching halt.

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Central Falls Set to File Bankruptcy Exit Plan; 50% Pension Reductions, 40% Slash in Police and Fire Budgets Coming Up

Central Falls, Rhode Island set to file bankruptcy exit plan delayed by Irene

Central Falls filed for bankruptcy Aug. 1, and receiver Robert Flanders said then that he wanted to submit an exit plan to U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Frank Bailey within 30 days. But Tropical Storm Irene forced Flanders to push back the self-imposed deadline.

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