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Bernanke's plot to overthrow the US dollar

The Dow got a boost yesterday — up 143 points.

Gold remained where it was — about $1,617.

Dear Readers know what we think.

The Great Correction has a lot of work to do — there are so many things that need correction. And it will take time to do it. Meanwhile, your goal as an investor is to lose less money than everyone else. He who loses least wins!

Stocks should go down. Real estate should go down. Even gold should go down…as the dollar goes up!

Cash will be king…

…until the revolution.

What kind of revolution? When?


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Bernanke before the Joint Economic Committee 10/4/11

[MarketWatch] - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will appear before the Joint Economic Committee on Tuesday at 10 a.m. Eastern to discuss “the economic outlook.” He’ll face questions from across the political spectrum, from the only elected socialist, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, to tea-party favorite Jim DeMint, the Republican senator from South Carolina.

Rather than try to predict what will be asked, here’s MarketWatch’s stab at what could be timely questions for the central bank chief...

Continue reading at Marketwatch

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QE3 is Coming!!

Ben Bernanke vows to act if inflation falls!

Operation Twist is underway for about a week and now they're already talking about Operation Screw!

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Ron Paul Tears Into Ben Bernanke!

Watch this vid and let me know what you think. If anyone can make this better with video editing software feel free and please send me the vid so I can upload it or atleast the link to the vid thanks. You can use different or more bernanke clips if you want too. Please don't cut me out at the end tho.

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Operation Twist?

Is it just me or does it seem that Operation: Twist... is actually short for Operation: Twist the Knife in the Back of the Dollar?

I mean what kind of twist is it, how is it at all different? It isn't, the only thing twisted about this thing is that he's going to do the same thing and some people are going to believe that things will be different this time... horrible...

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Federal Reserve launches Operation Twist!

The New Stimulus, $400 Billion over the next 9 months!

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The Federal Reserve announced "Operation Twist" Wednesday, a widely expected stimulus move reviving a policy from the 1960s.

The policy involves selling $400 billion in short-term Treasuries in exchange for the same amount of longer-term bonds, starting in October and ending in June 2012.

Full Article:

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When Bernanke Talks the Stock Market Walks

I've been studying trading for the last year and I've noticed that every time Bernanke talks, the stock market plunges hundreds of points.

It would be great if someone with technical skills could show a dow jones chart with arrows indicating everytime Bernanke gave a report. Then we could calculate how much money has been lost in the market everytime he talks

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Twist and Shout Should Be the Fed’s Next Maneuver

Retro active Government. Repeating bad mistakes, to the Sound of Music.

Bloomberg News: Markets today are expecting the Federal Reserve to announce Operation Twist, a financial maneuver aimed at rescuing the U.S. recovery.
Like the Chubby Checker song, the twist will involve some gyrations. The idea is to flip the maturities of the Fed’s $1.65 trillion bond portfolio by selling short-term Treasuries and buying longer-term ones. ...

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Hey Ben, how about a little help?

Hey Ben....
Your not the only one!

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Steve Forbes: Obama, Bernanke must go. Leans to supporting Rick Perry

[Along with predicting a return to the gold standard, looks as if Steve Forbes is practicing the "politics of distraction" by tieing these ideas to Rick Perry]

Steve Forbes to Newsmax: Obama, Bernanke Must Go
Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 06:03 PM

By Jim Meyers and Kathleen Walter

Former presidential candidate and Forbes magazine editor Steve Forbes tells Newsmax that President Obama’s planned economic reforms are “the definition of insanity” — repeating failed policies in the hopes that somehow they will become successful.

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Foxs News Front Page - Paul: Bernanke Is Out of Options to Save Economy

Chairman Ben Bernanke is not calling for another fix to the economy by the Federal Reserve because he's already used up all the quivers in the Fed's bow, Rep. Ron Paul said Sunday.

Paul is a 2012 Republican presidential candidate and supports the U.S. returning to the gold standard to protect its currency and force a balanced budget. He has been highly critical of the Federal Reserve and its chairman over plans for "quantitative easing," a two-part program which flooded the market with dollars in an attempt to make money more available for borrowing and lending.

Paul argued that Bernanke's plan to buy bank assets and drop more than $2 trillion into the economy did not yield the results the chairman hoped, a conclusion that Paul says Bernanke implicitly acknowledged during a speech last week in which he offered no new bailout programs from the Fed.

Continued Here-->

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GOLD Confiscation! ?

Aaron Task, Yahoo Finance on the John Batchelor Show Yesterday:

Critical part begins at 6:40 mark.

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Ron Paul & Mike Maloney On Gold and Silver (Flashback)

Ron Paul has always been true to himself, principle and ideal. He explains to us the big picture how we affect the world by our monetary policy. And where we are heading. If we could have listen with him back in 2007. We will be in much better shape now and perhaps on our way to recovery. We still have so much thing to do as nation. The better we are informed the better our chances of changing our fate.

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MSNBC article: Ron Paul finishes second at Ames, gets ignored - why?

By NBC’s Anthony Terrell

In the week following Congressman Ron Paul’s second-place showing at the Ames Straw Poll, where he finished just 152 votes behind Michele Bachmann, Paul’s fellow Republican presidential candidates are echoing his decades-old message on monetary policy -- even if the original messenger is left out of green rooms.

Paul’s reaction to being ignored by most in the media was on display at an office opening in Concord, N.H., Wednesday. "In this day and age, they are not as relevant as they think they are,” Paul said, adding, “We have enthusiasm, rightness of our cause and another little gadget called Internet.”

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