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More proof of media Bias at Bloomberg Debate

Three candidates (Romney, Cain, and Perry) were given almost 35% more turns at speaking then the other 5 candidates.

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MSM Outrageous Spin: "GOP's values voters reluctantly support Romney"!

After winning the Values voters straw poll by a decisive margin, what was Ron Paul's publicity reward?

Well according to the title of the ABC News article reporting the event, it was a lukewarm endorsement for Romney. (?!?!?)

Of course their "competing" news organization at CBS will call them on it, right?

"Values Voter straw poll organizers suggest a fix in Ron Paul's win"

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Fox News Lies to America: "Paul and Cain Win Values Voter Straw Poll"

Fact: Ron Paul won with 37% of vote. Cain came in 2nd with 23%.

For two to win, it would at least need to be close to a tie.

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Video Ron Paul Public Enemy Number One! Don't Believe the Hype

You think Ron Paul is getting bashed? Wait until you see what they did to Jefferson!
A short video

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Has Anybody Seen This?

Bill O'Reilly blatantly takes both Ron Paul and Cain out of his own poll! Not sure if this is a repost and of course, we shouldn't be surprised.

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Bill O'Reilly Disregards Ron Paul Poll Win 09/30/11

I apologize for the poor quality, I recorded this on my phone. Bill O'Rielly dismisses Ron Paul winning a presidential poll he hosted on his site due to "flooding" by Ron Paul (and Herman Cain) supporters.

EDIT: Attempted to embed video

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Epic Article on Media Double Standards

Here is an awesome article on Ron Paul and the media's blatant disrespect. I think Cafferty should bring this up on his Cafferty files what do you all think? I think he has the balls to call them out on it.

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Please sign this petition. Maybe we can make a dent in the media. Show them our numbers!

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Ron Paul excluded from front page presidential poll


They have Perry, Romney, Bachmann, and Huntsman listed as if these guys are the 'top tier' choices. HELLO?! Where is the No.3 man in the race? The other choices are 'One of the other candidates' and 'A person who has not yet entered the race'. I think you know what to do about this blatant marginalization.

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Who won the debate poll - RP winning - taken offline??

Hopefully just a coincidence.

Link from Drudge

It looks like it's gone with a "No content item selected" error message..

@ 7:30 this morning this was up

Talk about fair and balanced..


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7:51 AM, CNN News Update Mentions Romney, Perry - no Ron Paul.

News announcer says something like, "In new NH poll Rick Perry behind Romney" then adds that Romney is 27% ahead of his "closest opponent" who is Ron Paul but was not mentioned.

Mention Perry, mention Romney, ignore Paul.

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Ron Paul Effect

Scientists have recently discovered what they now call as the Ron Paul Effect on the Mainstream Media. They assert -

Any position that Ron Paul gets in an Internet or Straw poll immediately becomes invisible for the media.

Corollary 1 - If Ron Paul ties for the first place, the other candidate is said to be the winner, while the candidate who gets 3rd place is reported in articles, but the 2nd place is not mentioned.

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Study: TV Morning News 'Dissing' GOP Candidates

Some of the research samples...

•By a 5-to-1 margin, ABC, CBS, and NBC morning show hosts employed an adversarial liberal agenda when questioning this year's Republican candidates.
•Four years ago, Democratic candidates faced questions that tilted more than two-to-one to the left, a far friendlier agenda for liberal politicians.
•In 2007, Democratic candidates were frequently tossed softball questions. This year's interviews with Republicans have been much more caustic, with few chances for the candidates to project a warm and fuzzy image.

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