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Ron Paul should speak to the Occupy Wall Street protestors

Just an idea. That kind of spontaneous visit to address the protestors and encourage them, rail against big banks, rail against big government and rail against corporatism could get a lot of news coverage and win some more supporters. Specifically more "Blue Republicans.

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Petition To Abloish The TSA Appears On White House's Website!/petition/abolish-tsa-and-use-its-monstrous-budget-fund-more-sophisticated-less-intrusive-counter-terrorism/c7L94bFB

Article about the petition:

0 votes BIG SIGNS 4'x8' and 2'x4'

We are looking at getting the large signs out in early October.

The 4'x8' signs are hard to ship and must be sold in large quantity.

The 2'x4' signs are easier to ship, and it is my favorite size.

Bigger is better when it comes to signs!!!!

In Liberty,


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9/8/2011 - Contacting AC/DC, Yoko Ono, and Chuck Norris! and Ryanwin bags another big score, this time from Rosanne Barr!

Here are today's list! Ryanwin has had another breakthrough! With comedian Rosanne Barr this time via twitter! Here is his twitter page below. Please help win her over by following up on his efforts. Thank you and great job Ryanwin!!/RyanScott35

Submitted by ryanwin on Wed, 09/07/2011 - 21:16.

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Big Sis calls out Matt Drudge

Big Sis Janet Napolitano calls out Matt Drudge in politico


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"Big banks only exist for the crooks to keep score."

I just made that up.

Use it if you like. Put it on a T-shirt or whatever.

Good night.

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Big Brother is Coming: NSA's $1.9 Billion Cyber Spy Center "to Determine Who Among Us May Be, or May One Day Become a Terrorist"

One hundred twenty acres, buildings totaling one million square feet, drawing 65 million watts of power, at a cost of $1,900,000,000.00:

"Once vacuumed up and stored in these near-infinite 'libraries,' the data are then analyzed by powerful info weapons, supercomputers running complex algorithmic programs, to determine who among us may be - or may one day become - a terrorist," Bamford writes. "In the NSA's world of automated surveillance on steroids, every bit has a history, and every keystroke tells a story."

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