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Carl Bildt FEB 22 1992, Talks About New World Order

Carl Bildt, currently foreign minister of Sweden, back then prime minister. A recurring attendee of Bilderberg.

Is it not odd, I thought they said a new world order was just a conspiracy theory well after 1992.

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Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party Debate

In the 60 seconds it took to write this, they've went and changed "the debate"

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Why Not Rick Perry (In 60 Seconds)

Why Not Rick Perry (In 60 Seconds):

Why not to vote for Rick Perry in 2012. Please "like" and share with your friends. Spread the word!

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Who is Peter Thiel? Why is he Bilderberg establishment? Why does he Support Ron Paul?

Peter Thiel is the cofounder of PayPal and founder of Clarium Capital, a multibillion dollar hedge fund based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He is german born, Stanford educated, and is on the Steering Committee for the controversial Bilderberg Group. And by the way, he endorsed Ron Paul in the 2008 presidential election.There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid people. So seeing as this is all fact, why would a globalist endorse Ron Paul?

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Strauss-Kahn to go free. what the.?

Looks like it's been long enough since the initial stories for the Bilderberg group to make sure their good friend goes free.

The people must not be able to smell the fishiness of a story like this any more...

Is anybody outraged by this?

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S&P and the Bilderbergers: All Part of the Plan?

Posted on August 18, 2011 by Ellen Brown

What just happened in the stock market? Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose or fell by at least 400 points for four straight days, a stock market first.

The worst drop was on Monday, 8-8-11, when the Dow plunged 624 points. Monday was the first day of trading after US Treasury bonds were downgraded from AAA to AA+ by Standard and Poor’s.

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Rick Perry admits attending Bilderberg

This is a short video clip from a call-in talk show during which Rick Perry admits to having attended a Bilderberg meeting...

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