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Update: Stossel Discusses Ron Paul on Tuesday's O'Reilly Factor

Fox News, 8pm EST, Tuesday Oct 4:

Thanks to TragedyandHope for the video:

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Moneybomb Wounded Warriors Project for dual purpose

I think we have a great opportunity to effect a great change and gain a lot of momentum and respect. The famous Wounded Warriors Project seems to me to be a well managed, good charity. Active duty military contributes more to Ron Paul than all the other candidates combined. Regardless what you think of the wars, these are by in large good people deserving of our support, especially those who are wounded and are returning home. This could be a great way to give back to those who have given so much to the campaign.

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O'Reilly Doesn't Like The Results of His Election Poll

On September 23rd, 2011, Bill O'Reilly posted the following poll on his website asking viewers to vote on their favorite GOP candidate.

He recently had the following to say when the announced the results of his poll on his show.

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You MAY NOT Decide!

Bill O Reilly was supposed to publish his poll results..but because Ron Paul and Herman Cain won...he didn't even publish the results, HAHAHA

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O'Reilly Factor Poll

O'Reilly Factor poll on his official page.

"Based on the Republican debates so far, which candidate do you favor?"

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Losing to Cain! Poll: Post Debate "Who Won" O'Reilly 9/27

Yep, another poll. I don't know if click-through is being monitored, if your browser transmits it, so if in doubt, don't click the link. Just copy and paste it, or go straight to and find the poll. -- Look to the right, about one page down.

At the time of this post, Cain's in first and Paul's in close second.

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An email I just sent to Bill O'Reilly!

Here is an email I just sent to numb-nutz O'Reilly, it is a classic if I do say so myself, Enjoy!!

Greetings Bill,

I'd like to state first of all that it saddens me to know end every time i hear you speak the way you do about the good Dr. Paul. You have tried to marginalize him essentially because he has views that do not

fit with some of your views, and he is far more of a conservative than u could ever hope to be. I mean, you have become very rich by touting the NEOCONS message of War on Terror in which has been rammed

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Vote Vote Vote in this poll!

Vote for Ron in this poll by O'Reilly! Lets show him who the American people really support!

Located on the left side of the page.

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Vote "NO" in Bill O'Reilly's poll!

Vote "No" in Bill O'Reilly's poll asking if the presidential race is a two person race between Perry and Romney!
Hurry up, we are loosing!!

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The last time Iran started a war.

A lot of talk has been going on surrounding RP and his position on Iran.

Stossel made some great points while defending RP on O'Reilly Factor (Caution - Bill is the biggest moron ever in this video)> Jump to 03m 00s for the Iran talk.

I think that telling people that Iran has not started a war in 200 years is a great point to make while supporting this position. The US can't even go 2 years, let alone 200 - so which country is really the greater danger to mankind?

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Independent Voter: O'Reilly's Political "Spin Zone"

Bill O’Reilly calls his prime-time FOX News program, The O’Reilly Factor, a “No Spin Zone,” yet this past Wednesday the political spin was brazenly on display by Bill and his guest, Dick Morris. Now, I have already covered in a post from yesterday, “Dick Morris is a Monetary Moron,” some of the economic fallacies on display in this clip, but now I want to cover a much more sinister deception at play.

Video here:

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Dick Morris is a Monetary Moron

This past Wednesday night on the O'Reilly Factor, Bill brought on Dick Morris, former political strategist to the Clinton Administration and frequent Fox News guest, for a discussion of Ron Paul and his bid for the presidency. Bill and Dick took turns dismissing the candidate, and Dick revealed his stunning ignorance of economics when the subject of the gold standard arises.

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Bill O'Reilly Slams Ron Paul; Cenk Responds

I don't agree with Cenk all the time, but he is very honest in his opinions. This is one video that I happen to agree with him 100% and I'm sure you will all too. Take a watch, it's interesting.

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