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Gunfire broke out! A whole camp on high alert! I feel so safe.

Guys, every time we write try to see me smiling.

There I was placidly snoozing away and I' wearing half a dog for a blanket. His name is Sky Pilot. Well the first shot went off and my little Sky, man he just went BOING, totally vertical.

Now that was upsetting to me because i'm trying to recover from fractured ribs and to have Sky Pie use me as a vertical launching pad, that was not my preferred method of waking up but we heard the point. That was the "blat" sound of a...maybe a .9mm bang.

And another. Bang. The pitbull went into full fury and I'm just trying to wake up.

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"4 More Wars! 4 More Wars!" Obomba campaign slogan

A lively post from Jack Blood points out that the NeoCon field will have trouble out-hawking Obama in the campaign. Only the Peace Candidate can win against him.

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