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Attention NYers that are not registered to vote REPUBLICAN - Download and print this form and mail it out TODAY: - The deadline is this week! We need EVERYONE in NY to register republican to vote for Paul in the NY primaries. It takes 5 minutes and costs a single stamp. DO NOT LET THIS SLIP PAST! Do it today and spread the word AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
This Friday, Oct 14th is the deadline!


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Open Primary State Stategy: Democrats and Independents for Ron Paul

Got to the Coffee Shop early for the Des Moines Meet-Up. Wanted to put something together to help promote the Open Primary States. I noticed someone asking for the list to be done by Date, so that's what I did, with some links to polls and articles and a case for Democrats and Independents to pull the Republican Ballot when they go to vote:

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I just read Something you should see Guys -- Ron Paul is getting out there

The top 10 reasons why Dr. Ron Paul is the only rational presidential choice for Americans, Democratic, Republican and Independent:

10. Dr. Paul works a real job, has run a small a business and served in the military. He has been a physician for 40 years, co-owned a coin store for 12 years and was a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. National Guard for five years. That was how our country was set up -- for public servants to work a real job that they returned to after their public service was done. He has real skills and is not a professional politician.

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Anti-war voters are Disenfranchised! What can we do to end the Neocon rule!

Do you feel disenfranchised? The only presidential candidate that is truly anti-war is ignored, insulted, and completely marginalized by the media!
The Reagan debate and the media coverage following the debate exemplifies the blatant manipulation that is occurring to completely disenfranchise us.
As they increasingly rob and parrot Ron Paul's ideas, how can we make it clear that all the other candidates including Obama are Neocons? That only Ron Paul is not!

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A brief thank you to the daily paul community

i want to thank the the daily paul and ron paul supporters in general for the reception i've received with the few comments i've posted, and the kindness of supporters i've met despite me having some philosophical differences with them.

i hate labels but since you may be wondering the closest i can get to defining my political persuasion...maybe "kucinich democrat". i did come across a comment or two calling liberals who support ron paul "useful idiots" which kind of got to me at first since i consider myself reasonably informed, but i realize most here have very strong beliefs (as do i) and there are bound to be some who throw insults around, and that's the case with any political movement, BUT like ron paul says liberty is not a cause that divides people and i think we really have more in common than we do issues that could divide us.

it's really unfair that paul supporters have had this stereotype superimposed on them as being closed minded, dogmatic, my way or the highway types because my experience indicates to me the complete opposite, and in case you would like to know - i will be voting for paul in the IN gop primaries and of course in the general election should he win the nomination.

as i've previously stated i have a lot more shared beliefs with dr. paul than president obama, and i really hope this blue republican thing explodes.

Thanks again.

For peace, for liberty.

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Radio Interview with Robin Koerner, founder of the Blue Republicans for Ron Paul movement

The Libertarian Solution radio show featuring Huffington Post contributor, Robin Koerner, founder of the Blue Republican movement.

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The only deal that wins

Here it is as precisely as I can make it. It is not the Blue Republican strategy but one that will actually get the only big group of Democrats available for Ron Paul to sway. Send it on to your progressive friends if you have any:

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Help Robin Koerner (Huffington Post Writer/Ron Paul's Blue Republicans) Get On The Daily Show

Can you give this a comment bump over on the Daily Show's forum? More people will see it if it's kept at the top!

A few emails would really help too!

And why not the Colbert Report while we're at it?! -

If anyone knows of any other way to help make this happen, please let me know!

Also, if you have a radio or TV show you would like to see Robin interviewed on, please contact them and sell them on the idea! Feel free to pass along my information to book Robin for an interview.

Zakery Carter

In other exciting news - The ROCK THE REVOLUTION TOUR has a PAC behind it!! We're moving forward fast on this project, expect to hear/see it on the road early October! -

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THe Blue has got to go!!

Revamp. please. that is all.

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Why are the comments dark blue?

I'm half blind and cannot read them easily now.

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