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Register Republican

Hello fellow Ron Paul supporters! I created this site to register Republican to help him win the primary:

Please spread the word!

Some of the dates are still getting confirmed, and a few other little kinks ironed out (semi-closed states, for example). If you see anything that needs corrected, please let me know! If you'd like to help with the site, shoot me a message too! There's lot of things that can be done.

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Register Republican for Ron Paul! (Blue Republicans)

Register Republican for Ron Paul! (Blue Republicans):

Blue Republicans:
Register to Vote:

It is important that you register Republican NOW; some states require voters to register a full three months ahead of the primaries. Share with your friends and spread the word!

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Huffington Post: 'Ron Paul Can Win' by Robin Koerner

Here is the latest excellent article from Blue Republican founder and Huffington Post columnist Robin Koerner!

It's hard to tell if the idea that Ron Paul cannot win in 2012 is more ignorant, in its complete lack of historical sophistication, or more arrogant, in its claim to certainty amid all the complexity of 300 million lives and the myriad issues that affect them.

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