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Bring OccupyWallStreet a Stack of "End the Fed"

Someone in the NYC area should bring the #OccupyWallStreeter's a stack of Dr. Paul's "End the Fed" book. If they want to know where the banks' Achilles' Heels are, Ron will tell them. They're angry, which is great, but they need to be educated about WHY the banks are as powerful as they are. This will help them focus their rage on the source of the problem.

If someone in that area is willing to deliver, I'd be willing to help pay. If you can do it, start a Chip-In.

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Torture: Dick Cheney's New Book of Fantasy

From Indoctrination Nation Blog:

It displeases me greatly to even speak of Uncle Dicks newest collage of lies, omissions and distortions which I will forgo mention of title at all for fear it may lead to the sales of even one copy of his propaganda, but I could not help but comment upon it after hearing his continued reliance and praise for the "Cheney" Administrations enhanced interrogation program. To this day Cheney delights in that program and continues to spew how successful it was. Here's is his latest quote right out of the book:

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How I converted Neo-Cons to Ron Paul

I was troubled by the boos RP got at the debate, and that smug look on Santorum's face. If only Americans would take the time to not tow company line, and LOOK at the evidence of Ron's wisdom in foreign policy. What a national debate we would have.

Most people I have met, who were PRO WAR, for reasons they didn't even understand, but supported the war none the less.

I was a Pro-Iraq guy for a long time, because...I believed my President.

What changed my mind, and converted other neo-cons was a book I heard about on The Daily Show, back in 2007.

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