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Which Ron Paul Book To Recommend?

If you had to pick one of Ron Paul's book to recommend to someone in an effort to convince them on Paulianism, which one would you recommend?

I'm always recommending to people that they read Ron Paul's books. But I'm going to go a step further and actually lend/give the book to them to read. But I'm sure its only one shot. Which one would do best to enlighten people?

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Ron Paul Books Needed For Occupy Wall Street's People's Library

in the park in lower Manhattan they have a bunch of containers filled with books for protester to read. If we can get people to donate copies of Ron Paul's "The Revolution", "End the Fed" and "Liberty Defined" someone in NY can get them into the People's Library. Any ideas - use this post to communicate how to make this happen. Oct 14 is soon approaching.

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Who is the author "Ron Paul Jones"?

I was searching for Ron Paul ebooks on the Barnes & Noble nook book store and also the amazon kindle store and typed in Ron Paul into the search field. On B&N I got three hits for Ron Paul and then just below him were about 10 books by the author Ron Paul Jones. Low and behold they were political books, one bashing Rick Perry, the others appear to be backing Bachmann.

How much more clever can they get? Lol. It's hilarious the level these people all are stooping to.

Those books also came up on amazon but on page two.

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Uligarchians: Start of the Collapse

After all these protest springing up, I decided to write a book about libertarian ideals in an interesting way. It's called Uligarchians: Start of the Collapse.

It's a sci-fi adventure that parodies the United States. Freedom is slowly being lost, and the social problems of the nation seem to be getting worse, not better. The main character learns everything he thought he knew was just a big lie. His journey teaches him that there is a hidden evil getting support from the very people it enslaves.

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