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Breaking: Occupy Boston Stand-off, Tea Party Members Have Joined. Please call Mayor, BPD



Boston Police
. 617-343-4200

REPORT: "The police look very reluctant, look like they really don't want to do this....police relations with Occupy Boston have been excellent ...Message to Mayor CALL OFF POLICE"...ALSO REPORTED...TEA PARTY MEMBERS HAVE friend is talking to Libertarians who are standing in solidarity..."we don't like corporations moving off-shore to avoid taxes


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If you don't understand occupy Wall St. - updated with video OF END OF march

Then you need to attend an event, and find out what the people are saying.

I just got back from Occupy Boston 10/08/2011, and I can tell you that the people there are as varied as our society. Sure there were some leftists, who wanted to eradicate student debt, basically saying that we owe them an education. But the biggest thing that impressed me, was that the vast majority of the people in attendance, who wanted to End the Fed, and End the Wars. bring our troops home, and start investing in this country.

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Video of End The Red Rally at Federal Reserve Bank Boston

Here is some video from the Occupy Fed Rally at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

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Where Should I Go After Florida (Jan. 31st)?

I'm about to go sell some more Gold and Silver to keep me traveling until the end of January. After I leave Iowa at the end of the Month I will be heading to South Carolina (where I'm trying to get a group together in the North, and meet with an already active group in Lexington) then Florida (where I'll be meeting up with a semi-active group in Pensacola). I'll be working at farms in both states to maintain residence and food.

After that I either have to go back home to California, or, if my chip-in gets funded ( head to the East Coast.

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Occupy the Fed NOW Boston

For the past week people have been occupying Dewey Square, under the shadow of the Boston Federal Reserve. The group is made up of all different types of people. Most call themselves socialists. What we call them are allies in the fight to save our republic. Coalition building is essential to any movement. We must seize this moment in time. We don't have to argue about the things we don't agree on. Save that for later. Right now, we must act as one body, one voice. This is the essence of our foundation. This is the revolution.

Frank Capone

Occupy the Fed Boston starts at noon this Friday. We are working with individuals within the Occupy Boston groups to focus attention on the Federal Reserve. Stewart Rhodes connected me with with Garrett Loporto who is one of the organizers at the Boston site (600 Atlantic Ave- across from the Fed). He is an oathkeeper, Ron Paul supporter, end the fed'er and wants get as many of us as we can to come this Friday and stay as long as you can and keep coming back and staying for as long as you can. Hence occupation.

Bob Dwyer 508-930-5530

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Does OW signal the beginning of the end of the T-party ?

While our brave children continue to battle in the streets against the total destruction of the middle class. The Tee party has found a new cause to support. Thats right the T party bigwig Justin Phillips wants all to stop watching Monday Night Football. After racist redneck Hank Williams compared Barrack Obama to Hitler. Way to go T party way to stay relavent.

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The Greatest Opportunity We May Have To Bring People to Ron Paul

Today I went into Boston for my guitar lesson after my classes, and not very far from it was the #OCCUPYBOSTON protests. I decided that as a politically active college student it would be worth my time to check it out. I had seen mixed views about the movement here, and whether or not it would be open to Ron Paul, and let me tell you this: Anyone here who doesn't think these people will stand with us, or that we shouldn't stand with them is wrong.

I wore a "Ron Paul is my Homeboy" shirt, and I got many compliments on it, thumbs up and the like. In fact I saw more Ron Paul supporters today than I have in my entire life, and everyone there, be they left right, libertarian or socialist all were uniting against the evils of the Federal Reserve and corporatism.

They are still developing what their goals are, and it seems really unclear at this point, but I can tell you it is safe to say that from my experiences these people have a lot in common with us, and are fighting the same fight. I feel we should unite with these people, and help them, because they're fighting the very same fight we're all fighting here.

On a side note if further motivation to help the cause of liberty is not enough - I met another college student - an avid Ron Paul supporter who also was about asking people questions and conversing with them who was arguably one of the prettiest girls I've seen.

I welcome any questions.


I gave the dailypaul a few shout outs in a few interviews people had with me. Hopefully some more people find out about Ron Paul, and the liberty movement because of this.

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VIDEO: F*ck the Fed Protest at Boston Fed

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but here's a video clip of last night's "Occupy Boston" protest in front of the Boston Federal Reserve.

If a mod could embed the vid, that would be helpful.

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Occupy Boston Protest Ends at Fed

The first Occupy Boston march was last night. It ended at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Here's some protest footage:

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I was quoted in the Boston Globe for defending liberty…

On the afternoon on September 11, I was minding my own business walking in the Boston Common enjoying the day with my family. A Boston Globe reporter came to me and asked me if I would like to give him a quote about today's heightened security.

The reporter notified me on how unattended bag that was found ten minutes ago and it was deemed to be no threat by the police. So this is what I said …

….Larry Toth, 35, of Watertown, MA said he believes the heightened measures enacted since 9/11 threaten personal freedoms. “We are slowly coming to a police state,’’ Toth said. “When you go to a subway station they are checking everyone, I think better security measures can be performed without taking away our liberties.’’….

I just wanted you all to know out of all the people a reported could have caught for a quote, he had to pick a Ron Paul supporter!

View the article here:

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