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Sibel Edmonds Supports Ron Paul, Interview with Trunews Rick Wiles 9/28

Topic: Former FBI foreign language translator Sibel Edmonds joins Rick to discuss traitors in Washington and the on going cover-up of espionage and treasonous activities by high officials in the nations capitol. Rick and Sibel also discuss Ron Paul's senior advisor Bruce Fein

Discussion of her support of Ron Paul and questions why Bruce Fein is senior advisor considering his background begins at 34:34.


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Concerned Ron Paul Supporter, response from RP Campaign

To: from me
Date: Sept 6
Mr. Fein:
I'm sure you're a very busy man, so I'll keep it brief. There's growing concern among Ron Paul supporters through
various online channels that the commentary found at the link below contains substantive evidence that questions
your integrity and potentially your intent within the campaign. I would urge you to take notice and address these
concerns before it gets out of hand.


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Bruce Fein

A few days ago, we all rejoiced the announcement from Ron Paul's campaign about Bruce Fein becoming part of Ron Paul's campaign as senior legal advisor. Since then, there has been a lot of questions raised about Bruce Fein by Ron Paul supporters and activists questioning his neocon history.

This recent series of articles by Sibel Edmonds, respected whistleblower and ex-FBI, levels some serious charges against him:

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Bruce Fien vs Charles Goyette? No Contest !

I of course agree with what he says, but even so, I cannot stand listening to Mr. Fein's whinny does Ron Paul no favors, seriously he sounds like a whinny looser, like a kid saying to his parents "I didn't do it, not me, he did it, its not my fault!"

Watch Fein here:

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Siebel Edmons warns of Paul campaign plot: nix Bruce Fein quickly

Are we looking at a 'reformed' Bruce Fein?
I assume this is not 'news' (his lobbyiest 'laundry')
to the Campaign for Liberty.... so has he 'repented'?
Has he renounced his prior history?
Does he 'somehow' excuse or defend it.
is it just now ignored...
and 'exchanged' for his 'influence' DC circles?
I'm confused. I'm concerned. Read the article.
Who IS Bruce Fein (weighed against the impeccable credentials of our Ron Paul)?

The Greatest Plot Against the Ron Paul Camp To Date

08-31-2011 •

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The greatest threat to Ron Paul to date is Bruce Fein

While some at Rep. Paul’s Camp were busy celebrating and cheering the announcement as a brilliant strategic move, I was frantically gathering cases and research notes, corresponding with current and former colleagues from the intelligence community who had come to support Rep. Paul, and communicating with a few friends with Rep. Paul’s Campaign who were equally troubled by this development

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Video: SCButterfly and Congressman Trey Gowdy Tussle over Bruce Fein, the Patriot Act and the 4th Amendment

I kind of got skewered by Congressman Gowdy with a "how long have you been beating your wife" type question and was unable to follow-up with definition as to my answer.

I am experiencing personal dealings with a broad illegal search and the bending of the 4th amendment (which awaits "formal opinion" in the South Carolina State Attorney General's office) which I was unallowed to expound on in the context of this conversation. I've been assured that I will have a second opportunity to redress this issue with Congressman Gowdy in the near future.

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