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Dr. Paul introduction @ CA GOP convention

This rocks! Listen to the reponse! Real support from real supporters!

Sponsored by the Republican Liberty Caucus of California (RLCCA)

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Video Update : Paul Drops the Ron Bomb & Rick Rolls Santorum 44.9% to 0.8% CA Straw Poll

I put this together on youtube - enjoy the rick roll!

Paul Drops the Ron Bomb & Rick Rolls Santorum 44.9% to 0.8% CA Straw Poll

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CA Bill Strips Informed Consent Rights from Parents

CA Bill Strips Informed Consent Rights from Parents

This was posted in Facebook as a warning to Norwegian parents of what is probably to come over here too, if we don't watch out.

Today, there is a bill on the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown (Assembly Bill 499) that has been quietly and quickly rammed through the state legislature by the medical-pharma lobby.

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Please Donate NOW to boost Ron Paul in the California straw poll!

Help give a boost to Ron Paul. We've done great in Ames and the Georgia Straw Poll. We in the grassroots want to make sure we win this outright!!! This will be symbolic nationwide! Thanks and let's win this!

The California RLC has funds earmarked to purchase about 100 more CA GOP convention tickets this Saturday, the day of the straw poll. The robocall described here will be used to attract an additional ~100 Ron Paul supporters to the straw poll.

From our robocall guru:

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Any Bay Area Ron Paul supporter(s) driving down to Sept CA Straw Poll in L.A.?

I am a Californian Ron Paul supporter who lives in the San Francisco North Bay. I was thinking about attending the California Straw Poll in September, and wanted to know if there were any other RP Supporter in my neighborhood who were planning on driving down to LA to attend and vote.

I've got a big family and one car (which I will have to leave for the wife and kids), so I can't drive down. I'm thinking about flying, but just wanted to see if anyone out there was already planning on driving. I'd love to carpool, and split costs.

Thanks, Ron Paul 2012,
Brad the Dad

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Email the CA State GOP (related to Ron Paul being snubbed as speaker at CA state GOP convention)

Email the CA State GOP at

Mention that you heard Ron Paul will be at the California State GOP Convention. Then ask what time he is scheduled to be speaking (at this point, they are not allowing him to be a speaker at the event).

Other ideas: ask if it's true Ron Paul will be there, ask if Ron Paul will be speaking during the convention, mention what you think about Ron Paul and why they should have him as a speaker, etc, etc.

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San Joaquin County, CA -- SIGN BOMB! -- Participants needed!

I'm organizing the SIGN BOMB event for San Joaquin County in Califonria.

October 10, 2011 --- from 4:30-6:30pm


Please, join me to participate in this nationwide event!

We will be holding Ron Paul signs at a high profile location from 4:30-6:30pm

If you're in San Joaquin County, please join me and spread the word.

Also, if you'd like to participate in this event in your state. Be sure to check the link, below, to see if there is an organizer for your state and county.

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