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Call Family Research Council and tell them you are withdrawing support

Tel: 202/393-2100 Call up Family Research Council, tell them you will no longer contribute (don't worry if you didn't before), and that you will boycott their organization because of the way Tony Perkins discredited the Poll Ron Paul won at the Family Values Summit. Call, Like, Share!

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The best thing you can do for ron paul

the most important thing you can do for ron pauls campaign is go here

and join the phone from home progam it saves ron,s campaign alot of money and time so please volunteer and be lend a serious hand in the campaign for liberty!

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The Hill - Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Should Call on Rick Perry to Drop Out

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should consider calling on Rick Perry to drop out of the campaign because in the last debate, he falsely claimed that he had raised only $5,000 from the company involved with his ill-fated vaccination program. Paul and Bachmann have championed the conservative use of taxpayer dollars. No issue more powerfully makes their point than Rick Perry raising huge campaign money from a firm that would make a fortune from his program, and then bearing false witness about it during a nationally televised debate.

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