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How well do you know Romney?

They slaughtered Kerry over his flip flop, it is time to take Romney to task and spread this message far and wide.

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Speaking to the OWS crowd about Ron Paul

Fellow Ronulans!

Yesterday at the Honolulu version of Occupy Wall Street I had some success in converting potential voters, and a lot of success making the protestors think about the people running for office (about a 5% voter conversion of the crowd, but the rest certainly had food for thought). I thought I would share it with you. I'm sure many or most of you are already doing something similar, but... just in case...

When I started talking, I summarized the chief complaint of all the protestors there: they are tired of big money influence in Washington DC, and of the "greedy" banks and corporations not sharing the wealth. Some wanted government to step in and do something, and others already knew that change was going to largely come from our dollar vote; where and how we spent our money.

Then I moved into discussing President Obama's devotion and allegiance to Wall Street, and tied in the beau coup sums of money he received in 2008 and will receive in 2012 from Wall Street interests. I told them that Mitt Romney is also a Wall Street sweetheart and gets tons of money from special interests. Finally, I moved to discussing Rick Perry's $17 million haul over 2 months from 20,000 donors, and juxtaposed that with Ron Paul's $8 million haul... from 100,000 donors.

I asked them what they thought that meant, and most realized that Perry was also a sweetheart of corporate interests. I told them Ron Paul doesn't get a dime from the corporations or lobbyists and I asked them if they knew why.

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Paul comments on unemployment, will be presenting his economic plan in the coming weeks

Just saw this, in the coming weeks Ron Paul will be presenting his plan for the economy.

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Phone from Home Project UPDATE: Call-Ticker Might Be Coming!

When President (too soon?) Ron Paul first announced the Phone from Home Project I had the thought that a call ticker might help inspire participation and maintain momentum. A ticker that recorded how many calls have been made and how many phones were actually answered would let all of us know that we aren't working alone and also give us a better idea of our progress.

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Chris Christie poll

LOL.....the flavor of the week is Chris Christie...they are still trying to see if people will vote for him....NOT.......especially if the Bush Cabal is backing him......Just received this from a friend….please take the poll….

marklevinshow Mark R. Levin
Vote now in today’s poll question: It appears that the Bush family is backing Chris Christie behind the scenes….

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Ron Educates Hostile Audience in NH

Apparently Ron was met with a slightly hostile audience in NH on Friday where he had to defend his views in a town-hall setting. It seems that Ron did a good job defending himself, but shows that we still have a lot of work to do.

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy View Attacked

“If we bring all the troops home some people think the terrorists will say, ‘America isn’t so bad after all and we are not going to try to kill civilians anyone,’” one woman said. “Anyone who thinks that is off his rocker.”

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Is there a place I can buy swag that will go towards the end of quarter push?

I want to get a coffee mug for work and some buttons. doesn't seems to have mugs. Is there somewhere else I can purchase where proceeds will go towards the campaign?

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Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Looking for feed back and ideas regarding an Idea I had when chatting here on the Daily Paul.

Ron Paul is great in Town Hall Meetings. He gets more than 30 seconds to answer a question and people can see that he is genuine.

So here is the idea.

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Ron Paul to launch $1M early state TV ad buy.

Ron Paul is launching a three-week, $1 million ad buy on Thursday, the biggest so far of his presidential campaign

Read more:

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Rick Perry Candidacy In Trouble ? -- The Dangers of Gardasil W / Dr. Russell Blaylock

Rick Perry Candidacy In Trouble ? -- The Dangers of Gardasil W / Dr. Russell Blaylock

Dr. Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, lecturer, and editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report.
He talks about the dangers of Gardasil and the upcoming flu vaccination season and the threat it poses to unsuspecting Americans who are inundated with flu vaccination propaganda on a daily basis.

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Michael Scheuer Videos

Do we have a video of Michael Scheuer, laying out why Ron Paul is right about foreign policy?

I have been combing through YouTube for the last few days...and I find a lot of interviews he has done, speeches he has given...but they are all really, really long. And none of them clearly, concisely state his views. We need something more user friendly, something that is shorter, more pointed etc.

I do not have any skills when it comes to making videos..

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Glen Beck Says Ron Paul the Biggest Loser

Glen Beck just revealed his true stripes (again) and totally attacked Dr. Paul. This is another establishment attempt to marginalize Paul while stealing his ideas.

Here is the link:

This needs to be on the front page.

Tell Beck what you think about it.

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New Campaign ad(s) coming soon

A good find within the politico article that is recently published on the site. In the article it references to a new ad being shot on the day of the interview. Sinds the article is also about the recent Perry 'attack' it must be a new ad!

So, the question rises, what will it be about?

Full article here:

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