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What Have They Done With Ron Paul?

Pretty nice article from someone who doesn't seem to be a part of the Ron Paul Revolution.

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Why the debate?

I have noticed a huge debate on the forum about whether or not to protest in the OccupyWallstreet movement.

I agree that there are a lot of protestors being distracted by special interest groups (unions, feminists, socialists etc).

However, it seems that all critical thinkers (would-be RP supporters) are being attracted to the movement and the movement is still lacking a concensus.

This is the golden opportunity to educate these people!

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West Milford for Ron Paul 2012 (NJ)


We have a table "West Milford for Ron Paul 2012" and we will also have Campaign for Liberty at the Autumn Lights Festival in West Milford, NJ

You can see us listed under the vendor section.

If anyone is planning on going or lives in the area we would appreciate people walking around with Ron Paul gear.
It would be great to see you.
This event is expected to get more than 15,000 people.


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The Old Man And The Sea – 2011

This is a great article if you haven't read it.....needs to be posted everywhere....this writer did a magnificent job...


Posted on 20th September 2011 by Administrator in Economy |Politics |Social Issues

“The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” – Ernest Hemingway

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*Drafting John Mayer*

Daily Paulers - Let's brainstorm.

What do we know?

Ron Paul is the only real candidate running in this race.

The MSM, even with good relations will not just allow Ron Paul to run away with the race.

Ron Paul is a front runner, and has significant name recognition.

So in an effort to combat the mainstream media's ploy to bury the words of Dr. Paul, we are all doing what we can to achieve that goal. Donating, fundraising, talking with friends and family, writing, advertising, attending events...etc.

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Why isn’t the campaign video recording all of Ron Paul’s public speeches and Q&A sessions?

Why isn’t the campaign video recording all of Ron Paul’s public speeches and Q&A sessions?

Ron Paul has given a few speeches since he started his campaign for the presidency, yet I believe I have seen only one that may have been recorded by the campaign. (Speech in Cedar Rapids?)

(I have a few of Ron Paul's public speeches on my site here: http://www.ronpauldailyne...)

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