5 votes Somebody Put Up This Website Now!

I calculated my tax burden under the 999 plan. I make less than 100K and have a family of 6. My additional tax burden . . . $9200 annually.

We need to a web guru to register and put up a page that allows people to put in their income, spending and current tax levels then spit out a number of how much they would lose or save in the 999 plan. I think it could be a real eye-opener to tea-partiers.

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Ron Paul Polling

When sifting through the press releases on the campaign site I noticed a press release that stated that a polling firm was added to the campaign, if I understand the release correctly that is.

Does anyone know if this company has done polling for Ron Paul? Or is it polling done in the background to tailor adverts and messages?

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RP Campaign Donation Letters: Can I opt out and save them some cash?

I understand that direct mailing for donations works well for most campaigns, however I have never once donated to any campaign by returning a piece of direct mail, and don't intend to do so in the future. Despite this, I have still donated to most of the recent money bombs via the campaign website, and will continue to do so until I max out or run out of money entirely... whichever comes first.

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Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Looking for feed back and ideas regarding an Idea I had when chatting here on the Daily Paul.

Ron Paul is great in Town Hall Meetings. He gets more than 30 seconds to answer a question and people can see that he is genuine.

So here is the idea.

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Grassroots push - Ideas

I think we need to have some kind of grassroots push soon in order to push the support for Dr. Paul from 10% to 15%.

I think we should start contacting more people.

I suggest that we have a thread for receiving ideas about how we can achieve this, where to focus, what message should we have.

Let's have a discussion about this. I think this is very important and urgent.

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Campaign Idea: "Timebomb", "Talentbomb" and "Lovebomb"

I was thinking about tithes and how it's not only money you can give but also your time and your talent. Seems to me sometimes that "throwing money at a problem" is the easy way out.

So why not have a "timebomb" and a "talentbomb"? We could have a "donation ticker" for all the folks that promise to contribute their time or their talent for Ron Paul. My goodness, we already have so many prior inputs we could blow the top off the thermometer right off the bat! Can you imagine the exposure we could get from the back-up media for such a project?! We can display our "passion for Paul". :)

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The campaign could raise money and get media attention by selling Ron's poor fitting suits on eBay!

It's such a simple idea that is sure to get media attention, raise some money for the campaign and best of all make sure that Ron doesn't wear any poorly tailored suits anymore!

I'm sure there are many Paulaholics out there that would pay a pretty penny to own one of Ron's oddly shaped suits.

Throw in a few copies of his books with his autograph just to add value to the sale.

I think the media would jump on this cute story:

What do you guys think?

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Michael Scheuer Videos

Do we have a video of Michael Scheuer, laying out why Ron Paul is right about foreign policy?

I have been combing through YouTube for the last few days...and I find a lot of interviews he has done, speeches he has given...but they are all really, really long. And none of them clearly, concisely state his views. We need something more user friendly, something that is shorter, more pointed etc.

I do not have any skills when it comes to making videos..

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Campaign Ideas - What Would You Do?

If you had 2 million dollars and were running the campaign, how would you spend it?


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