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How to Get Democrats to Vote for Ron Paul in the GOP Primaries

I have been testing a theory to get people to switch parties and vote for Ron Paul in the GOP Primary.

I totally down play him, but I stress the fact that Obama is in trouble and they need to be registering as a Republican and voting in the GOP primary for someone that they think Obama can easily beat.

As we have a shared goal to defeat the neocons, I stress that:

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Ground-swell starting

A noticeable increase in the response from "the man on the street" was in evidence at a very large festival in Harlem, GA. On Saturday, the city held their annual Oliver-Hardy celebration. Check out the visitors at the Ron Paul tent/table in the attached pictures!

BTW, the HuffPo article in today's DP about Ron Paul having the best ground game in Iowa needs to be played out in every state in the union.

We can do it.

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Ron's Long Term Strategy

So I saw last night in the debate, when asked about a VP Ron deferred. He basically said, I'm polling third and when I eventually move into the top 2 I will choose a VP. From his answer, seems to me that the strategy is to slowly grow momentum. I think the campaign is holding their cards tight, waiting to play them.

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Fall of the Tea Party

I think we can all agree that MSM has taken control of the tea party and put a spin on it. They want people to believe that the tea party is a bunch of politicians sworn to fix our problems so that they can promote more of who they want and continue to discredit those they don't. This is a problem that should be addressed to the ENTIRE country.

Why shouldn't Ron Paul be the one to point this out?

I bet it could go a LONG way for Ron Paul to say something along the lines of this:

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The media is trying to depict Ron Paul as inhumane. This is good.

I have seen four or five great articles with headlines that, at first glance, creates the illusion that Ron Paul wants uninsured people to die! At first my reaction was to defend him but then I thought about it...

If people get this idea that one of our Republican candidates can say something so ridiculous they'll be compelled to investigate. This is going to work in our favor if they do.

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How to silence all Ron Paul's opponents on stage concerning foreign policy

Ron Paul is missing an opportunity to completely defeat everyone on stage in regards to foreign policy. He just needs to simply say this or something similar:

"If my position on foreign policy is so wrong then why do I receive more money contributions from the military than everyone else on this stage and Obama put together? Doesn't that make YOU sound like you're against the military?"


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Calling a Spade a Spade; Dissing Ron Paul is Dissing the Constitution

This is short and sweet, but I hope it will prove to be most beneficial...

Dr. Ron Paul is a walking Constitution. We all know it, but we need to begin referring to him as such. Rather than constantly be on the defensive, we need to be on the offense.

When someone calls Ron Paul a name, simply treat it as though they are calling our Constitution that name. Because, in essence, that is what they are doing.

RINO: "Ron Paul is a kook!"
Paul Supporter: "What is it about the constitution that you disagree with? What is kooky about it?"

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Vintage Commercials with Nolan Ryan

Hi All!

I Loved the Vintage Ron Paul infomercial...funny how classic never goes out of style.

Does anyone have a copy of Nolan Ryan's television ads for Ron Paul from the 1990s?

We need to get him on board in 2012 but for now, maybe floating around some of the Vintage Ads will be good.

Also, the opening of Ron Paul"s Vintage ad.."Do you know which Congressman refuses to take part in the pension program...." should be used (in an updated version of course) in some of Ron Paul's new ads.

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The only deal that wins

Here it is as precisely as I can make it. It is not the Blue Republican strategy but one that will actually get the only big group of Democrats available for Ron Paul to sway. Send it on to your progressive friends if you have any:

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Update: The Fastest Way to Turn Possible Supporters Off of Ron Paul

There was today a piece written in "The American Spectator" by an author named Jeffrey Lord entitled "Ron Paul and the Neo-liberal reeducation campaign." The article was thoroughly discussed on today's Jerry Doyle show between Mr. Doyle and Mr. Lord. The essential argument that Lord makes in the piece is that Ron Paul's "non-interventionist" foreign policy is historically the position taken by far-left politicians. Now, I happen to disagree with Lord on this issue, and that is something I can discuss with him or others that think this way.

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