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I think the "best" videos should be available for download on torrent.

Not every potential Ron Paul voter has broadband, is comfortable on the Internet, follows links, visits blogs, or even reads emails.

Not every potential Ron Paul activist (believe it or not) is tech savvy, wired, or knowledgeable about how best to utilize the new media.

For example, I would like to burn some homemade DVD's with selected Ron Paul videos to hand out to neighbors or casual acquaintances.

I could do so with or without some slimjims and/or a personal letter to supplement the video content.

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TV Ad - "Peace" Reagan 1984 ~ this is what we NEED!

Take a look at this beautiful and profound ad from the 1984 Reagan campaign entitled "PEACE". We need something like THIS NOW!!!

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"Gimme Mitt" - Bahahahaha

Heh, it's about as exciting as the man himself. ;-)

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