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Carol Paul for First Lady campaign = Womens' Vote

Imagine seeing this commercial: a shot of Carol Paul... she says something along the lines of "my highschool sweetheart and now husband of 54 years, Ron Paul, has delivered over 4000 babies as a OBGYN doctor. Now he wants to deliver our boys home from the wars overseas. Will you please help him (camera pans back to show him sitting next to her) by voting Ron Paul for President in the Republican Primaries, and general election?"
He says "I'm Ron Paul and I approve this message" and with a big grin :)

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For You Ron Paul Video Makers Out There

The media distorts everything that Ron Paul does. Just look at this Straw Poll win for Ron Paul in DC. The headlines are already coming out and RP is being ignored. We need to do something about it.

If you make videos or if you are the Revolution Super Pac, you should start making your videos with a start like this:

This Is Another Video About The Things The Main Stream Media About Does Not Want You To Hear Or See!

We need to call attention to the blackout by MSM on every video.

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Birthday card and letter from Carol

Did anyone else get a thank you letter from Carol Paul with a birthday card to mail back to Ron? (With another donation) Carol says they've been so busy that their going to have Ron's party later, and she wants to present him with a mountain of birthday cards.

If she didn't send you a card you can still mail one to

Ron Paul 2012 PCC
PO Box 2012
Lake Jackson, Texas

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