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Emmy and Peabody Award Winner Rich Aron's: "Do the Buck"

Rich Arons developed, directed and produced hundreds of television cartoons for Steven Spielberg including such hits as "Tiny Toon Adventures", "Animaniacs", "Freakazoid!" and "Toonsylvania", winning 2 Emmy awards, a George Foster Peabody award and a Cartoons on the Bay award.

Now make room for "Do the Buck":

"It's a song, it's a movie, it's a t-shirt, it's a wake up call. I'm trying to find a fun way to say we're in big trouble to those who haven't heard.

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Cartoon idea. Steal it.

Have the now glorious Roman clothes wearing Emperor, President Obama, standing tall on the globe with a torn-out map of Libya & Afghanistan in each of his hands.

Have President Obama looking over and saying "I've got more dictators than any of you!"

.....Have GW Bush standing in his Roman emperor clothes holding his map or Iraq in his hands,

....Have Bill Bill Clinton standing in his Roman Emperor clothes holding a map of Bosnia in his hands....

Have George Bush Sr standing there in his emperor clothes holding his map of Panama in his hands....

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