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Values Voter Straw Poll Organizers Suggest A fIx In Ron Paul's Win

The latest unseen attempt is to suggest, falsely, that Ron Paul and his campaign purposefully rigged the results of straw poll to make him the winner. We must expose this fraud accusation as a attempt to discredit the campaign and the congressman himself.

By Lindsey Boerma

Rep. Ron Paul scored a decisive victory Saturday in a mock presidential election at the Values Voter Summit, trouncing fellow Texan, Gov. Rick Perry, but an organizer of the straw poll suggested ballot-stuffing may have skewed the results.

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CBS Writes Unconscionable Hit Piece In Covering Ron Paul's Victory - Our Boycott in Response

This is truly pathetic. It is about as low as we've seen one of the major networks stoop in their coverage of Dr. Paul--and this isn't even TV coverage (which, compared with the online content is usually the worse of the two). Note how ridiculously baseless the charges are and the inflammatory headline (trending # 3). Also notice that they even resorted to such shameless tactics as picking out a one-line, incoherent sentence from Dr.

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CBS "news": Ron Paul draws enthusiastic response in New York City, but will never win.

The snide in this article is normal for CBS:

NEW YORK - Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, is never going to carry this city in the 2012 presidential race, but the libertarian presidential candidate understands the importance of visiting the Big Apple to broadcast his unorthodox campaign message and pay attention to his passionate base.

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Ron Paul the 13th Floor Again!

Hey Everyone,

I found an article at CBS that ignores Ron Paul's current Polling numbers and places Bachmann in the #3 slot get the word out about this. See the link below:

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CBS Smears Ron Paul For Using Private Jet During Campaign; Silent On Romney And Perry's Expenses

An article looking at a smear attempt to make Ron Paul appear as an elitist over the people because he is using a private jet for his campaign and that it contradicts his fiscal conservatism principles. Meanwhile the article goes over how Romeny and Perry are spending like crazy on extras with their campaign money

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CBS: Air Paul (Ron Paul has turned jet-setter)

SPENCER, Iowa - Ron Paul has turned jet-setter.

On what was planned as a three-stop tour of Iowa Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidate who has made fiscal conservatism his hallmark missed his first event because of problems with his private, leased jet. According to an aide, the Texas congressman had to commandeer a new jet and pilot to continue on.

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CBS News - Ron Paul: Time To Stop Spending Trillions On War

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Monday that America could save trillions of dollars if the country cut funding from wars - "and all the nonsense that we do around the world."

The Texas Representative argued in Monday's Republican presidential debate that, rather than eliminating programs like Social Security and prescription drug benefits for seniors, America could reduce trillions' worth of spending in conflicts abroad .

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Ant and the Grasshopper (2 versions)

(Forwarded from Friend)

This one is a little different ...
Two Different Versions ...
Two Different Morals

The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.

The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.

Be responsible for yourself!


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CBS News Caught Selling Barack Obama Merchandise in its Online Store

There‘s some curious merchandise for sale in CBS News’ online store.*

Alongside a travel mug, tote bag and T-shirt that all bear the CBS News logo, the store also includes the following:

“Dreams From My Father,” by Barack Obama
“Dreams From My Father,” by Barack Obama (hardcover)
“Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama‘s Plan to Renew America’s Promise”
“The American Journey of Barack Obama,” by Life Magazine
“Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs”
“The Official Inauguration Celebration DVD”

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