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FYI Daily Paul has a Chat

Did you know that Daily Paul has a Chat.

Have ideas, need ideas; well the chat is where it is at.

Come join the conversation!!!

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New Chat Feature Request

Each post could have a (reply) next to the name so that the @Name is auto inserted :) Would make chatting much clearer and simpler. Thx.

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Unified Ron Paul Online Chat Experiment

Hello Daily Paul readers,

I have setup a simple chat client for people to try out. My intention, is to bring together supporters from across the Ron Paul sites to a central interactive discussion place. I have labeled this as an experiment, because I am not sure how it will work out. You can join using a simple web chat client by following this link:

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Daily Paul Chat

Hi Everyone,

The Daily Paul Chat is one of the greatest new features of the site.

After a lull in chat room activity earlier today I began to invite people from the list of those logged in to the site, but not on chat. Typically the chat room has 10 people, and about 250 people logged in.

I was surprised that after inviting people, most of them who accepted had never heard of the chat and were delighted to have found it.

If you are not yet aware of this feature, I recommend you try it out.

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Info: New Chat Bandwidth Usage

I ran a little test on traffic, and the new chat is pulling right close to 1000 bytes a second for idle traffic. For those with limited bandwidth, here are some run times with total usage:

Time used vs data used in MegaBytes

1 Min = 0.06 Megs
1 Hr = 3.6 megs
1 Day = 86.4 Megs
1 Month = 2592 Megs or 2.592 Gigabytes.

So if you have limited bandwidth on your connection, like cell phone link service or satellite, sleeping with the DP on will eat up your bandwidth.

Just a heads up because someone asked last night.

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New Chat bars on the DP

How can I dump this from displaying on the bottom of the page ?

Not into chat .... slow typer (typist?).

I didn't know what the hell it was when it first showed up.

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Places online to spread the message

Find me some more to post!

Here are over 1 million conservatives:

Over 1 million NRA supporters:

1.7 million people who are pro-life:

1.4 million people who like 'peace':

153 thousand people who want to legalize marijuana:

41 thousand people who are for homeschooling:

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