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Help Fund Grassroots Projects Ron Paul Chip-In Central

There are a number of Grassroots projects using Chip-In to gain funding.

I just gave $5 to give RP books to the Wall Street Protesters and also have my Ron Paul Road Warrior chip-in up on the page.

Times are tough I know, but $5 adds up quick, and also seeing your chip-in go up is a huge morale boost.

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Large Scale RON PAUL Banner Making Project over 8000 SQ.FT!

I am moving forward with a large scale RON PAUL 2012 banner making effort. I have already ordered 8000 square feet of material. This is about a half pallet of tarps (about 500 pounds) to be shipped via truck to my warehouse. Six, 28x48 foot tarps will allow for the manufacture of 250, 4ft x8ft banners. These banners will be targeted for high visibility locations throughout New Hampshire.

Cost of tarps: $135 each = $810 + $299 shipping, $1109 for six delivered.

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Chip in to get BlackThisOut advertised on radio

A chipin has been started to get radio advertising for the BlackThisOut moneybomb. We only need $500-$750 to reach millions. This will be very cost effective. A thread was started at RonPaulForums here:

and the chipin is here:

Please donate what you can. The ad will be a live read by the host of Free Talk Live. A show listened to by millions of liberty minded folks. This could go along way.

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