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Breaking 1:00 pm et: Chris Christie Endorses ObamaCare Adviser Romney

This is shaping up perfectly!

These opponents are doing all the right things to eliminate themselves before the first caucuses.

Ron Paul will sweep this country.

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The Famous End the Fed Protester Reveals Himself!

If you missed it the first time, here it is:

His name is Chris and he is speaking out again regarding ending the Fed.

He's also set up a web site:

Yes he's a big Ron Paul supporter too in case some of you missed that part in his original YouTube video.

He's answering questions on Reddit if you have an account there at this link:

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I had a dream Christie endorsed Ron Paul with 1pm speech

I know it's a very low probability, but,

With nearly every single news media starved for another GOP candidate that they can use to take the little spotlight they have on Ron Paul OFF Ron Paul, wouldn't it be a nice surprise if during his 1pm speech Christie gets behind Ron Paul for presidency?

It'd be so awesome.

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BREAKING: Christie won't run for president

So, unless the establishment has a better candidate to compete with Dr. Paul, what we have seen is what we are gonna get.

I guess Christie didn't want to suffer the political suicide of running against a TRUE politician.

First it was Bachmann, then it was Romney, then Huntsman, then it was Perry. Now it is Cain, and guess what... Paul has an idea, and no government or army can stop an idea who's time has come.


The path just keeps getting easier.

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Chris Christe To Make Republican Primary Decision Today 1PM ET

Chris Christe To Make Republican Primary Decision Today 1PM ET

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will hold a news conference at the Statehouse in Trenton at 1 p.m. ET Tuesday, a late addition to the schedule that has election watchers wondering if he's going to announce his entry into the 2012 Republican presidential race.

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Is Chris Christie the neocon's last hope, someone explain what's going on?

What's going on behind the scenes here, evidently the neocons do not want to nominate Romney (despite the fact he tries to emulate them) and obviously they are trying to neutralize Paul. Their bid with Perry has failed and they have no other viable candidates. Are they trying to use Christie as their last hope to get a neocon in?

10/1 Sources: Christie Reconsidering Decision to Stay Out of GOP Race

Wealthy, Influential, Leaning Republican and Pushing a Christie Bid for President

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Chris Matthews Says Ron Paul Is "Out To Lunch " For Wanting To Follow The Rule Of Law

Matthews Says Ron Paul Is "Out To Lunch " For Wanting To Follow The Rule Of Law

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Kissinger Supports Chris Christe for President, Announcement Could Come on Monday

Kissinger Supports Chris Christe for President, Announcement Could Comes on Monday

With the urging of George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger and Nancy Reagan, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, in what is beginning to feel rather like Groundhog Day, is said to be giving serious thought to jumping into the GOP presidential ring, the New York Post reported.

Entire Article:

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Chris Christe Is In - Will Announce on Monday, October 3, 2011

Chris Christe Is In - Will Announce on Monday, October 1, 2011

Chris Christe is a moderate republican, who is for carbon Taxes. He is also considered a gun grabber and will not commit to being for global warming, stating that he is skeptical about the topic. He was schooled at the University of Deleware and Seton Hall. He played some football at Deleware. Prior to winning the governorship of new Jersey, Christe was a U.S. attorney.

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Time to Harpoon Christie before he announces

With Perry on the ropes, it is time for Karl and Co. to introduce another, "savior" to keep Ron Paul down.
Time to to start bring out the truth on Christie before he even get's in the ring.

Here's a good start:

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Chris Matthews lies, "Ron Paul would let someone die if they did not have health insurance."

Chris Matthews said, "The crowd cheered when Ron Paul said he would let some one die if they did not have health insurance."

At the 1:10 min mark

The is a total lie and he should be called on it. Dr. Paul said he never turned anyone away if they needed health care.

What is ironic,the comedian Jon Stewart got it straight later in the evening.

Please send Chris Matthews an email demanding he retract his statement.

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Chris Matthews calls RP ad "pathetic"

On Hardball he says this ad is aimed at people who don't know history, calls it pathetic, and says he thinks lower of RP now. As if Chris won't be saying all these things if Ron Paul ever got close to being the GOP nominee against his precious Obama.

Chris says Perry was a democrat and Al Gore was his best choice to support who ran as a conservative democrat. No comment on Perry's support for Hillarycare or standing on principle which negates Chris' entire argument and proves Perry is a big-government liberal.

Email Chris at:

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Can people vet this about Rick Perry with links

I said I wasn't going to e-mail you about Perry but changed my mind. I can't stand by and say nothing like I did with Bush.

I began keeping track of Perry when he began his second term as Governor because I didn't like what I saw. So here goes. Please forward this to all your friends. YOU DO NOT WANT PERRY. You think Bush was bad. He doesn't hold a candle to Perry. If Perry becomes President he will be your worst nightmare. I don't care for Obama one bit but I like Perry a lot less.

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