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Breaking 1:00 pm et: Chris Christie Endorses ObamaCare Adviser Romney

This is shaping up perfectly!

These opponents are doing all the right things to eliminate themselves before the first caucuses.

Ron Paul will sweep this country.

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Now without Palin and Christie threatening to join the race…We should write to them :)

I think that we should have a “Letter-Bomb” to Palin and Christie to try and solicit their support for Ron Paul. I know that there are a lot of reasons not to support either of them, but a lot of Americans really do hang on their every word. So if we can all just write a letter/email to Palin and Christie we may be able to sway them into endorsing the good doctor.

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Christie Out

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I had a dream Christie endorsed Ron Paul with 1pm speech

I know it's a very low probability, but,

With nearly every single news media starved for another GOP candidate that they can use to take the little spotlight they have on Ron Paul OFF Ron Paul, wouldn't it be a nice surprise if during his 1pm speech Christie gets behind Ron Paul for presidency?

It'd be so awesome.

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BREAKING: Christie won't run for president

So, unless the establishment has a better candidate to compete with Dr. Paul, what we have seen is what we are gonna get.

I guess Christie didn't want to suffer the political suicide of running against a TRUE politician.

First it was Bachmann, then it was Romney, then Huntsman, then it was Perry. Now it is Cain, and guess what... Paul has an idea, and no government or army can stop an idea who's time has come.


The path just keeps getting easier.

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Christie's Baggage

Christie refused to join other states in a lawsuit against the new health care law and went against the Republican grain to accept federal funds so the state can administer its own high-risk insurance pool.

Opposed conceal-and-carry laws in New Jersey.

He supports the state’s civil union law. He told CNN’s Piers Morgan he thinks that while his religion considers it a sin, he does not because "I think if someone is born that way, it’s very difficult to say then that that’s a sin."

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Is Chris Christie the neocon's last hope, someone explain what's going on?

What's going on behind the scenes here, evidently the neocons do not want to nominate Romney (despite the fact he tries to emulate them) and obviously they are trying to neutralize Paul. Their bid with Perry has failed and they have no other viable candidates. Are they trying to use Christie as their last hope to get a neocon in?

10/1 Sources: Christie Reconsidering Decision to Stay Out of GOP Race

Wealthy, Influential, Leaning Republican and Pushing a Christie Bid for President

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Chris Krispy

Is his sudden media spotlight the result of Perry and Romney politically crapping themselves?

After Romney and Perry crapped their political diapers, the media wanted a quick change to get rid of the stench.

Chris Krispy thinks humans contribute to globologna warming.

He's also pro war.


The love affair is like watching the old American media try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Not gonna' happen.

Who is in better shape, both literally and politically...Ron Paul or Chris Krispy?

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My take on the Governor Christie drama

The Republican “Flavor of the Week?” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In a position to have his speaker fees skyrocket, the Northeast governor in his second year in office showed up at the Reagan library in Southern California yesterday. He read a staffers well written speech and answered questions with humor and sincerity. Still after this event I couldn’t help but ask myself, “what is this guy thinking?”

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Ron Paul Comes to Chris Christie's House

....Awesome article from Jersey! (

Lindsey Graham wants to start a war with Pakistan. And they say I’m nuts?

That was the gist of a conversation I had yesterday with Ron Paul in the back of his car as he was returning to the Trenton-Mercer Airport following a campaign rally at the Statehouse.

The reason I had to cram in that interview during the ride to and from the airport is that the Texas congressman is a busy man these days. He was in and out of the Trenton airport in two hours, off to New York for an afternoon appearance. He’s in Iowa today.

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Ron Paul should kidnap Chris Christie!

Ron Paul should kidnap Chris Christie.

Not a bad idea, but it wouldn't fall in line with Dr. Paul's stance on non-interventionism and individual liberty!


Christie not running for President in 2012... according to FOX.

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The Hill satire- Ron Paul Should kidnap Christie

Here is how Ron Paul can win. He can kidnap Chris Christie. Hold Christie hostage in a cabin. With Christie now receiving the media adoration once given to the buffoon Donald Trump, then poured on the hapless Rick Perry, my kidnap plan could propel Paul to the White House. Here's how it would work:

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Time to Harpoon Christie before he announces

With Perry on the ropes, it is time for Karl and Co. to introduce another, "savior" to keep Ron Paul down.
Time to to start bring out the truth on Christie before he even get's in the ring.

Here's a good start:

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