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An Open Letter to Occupiers and Libertarians

Dear Occupiers, Progressives, Libertarians, etc.,

Greetings and Salutations. I've been reading about your exploits this week in the news. Protests are spreading around the nation, and though largely symbolic right now it must striking a nerve :) (though you wouldn't know it by the lack of media coverage).

But that's about par for the course, isn't it? The Status Quo doesn't want to listen; isn't that part of what this is about?

I admire your efforts to get out and be heard. More over, I encourage you stay out there as long as it takes to be heard.

In that regard, I hope the weather is cooperative and kind to you, because lord knows, the police won't be.

And it is for this reason that I wanted to write to you.

The Occupy! website suggests that this movement seeks to imitate the "Arab Spring".

I'm concerned when I read that friend, because, well, if we're going "Arab Spring" on this, that means we're talking revolution here.

If that's truly the notion, you're gonna need some help.

You see, the crucial strategy that made the "Arab Spring" so successful (for the Egyptians anyway) was non-violence.

Occupy! may not know entirely where it's headed yet, but a few things are clear. First, the longer it continues the more likely the top 1% will use violence to end it. Now is the time to ramp up non-violent rhetoric. Take every opportunity to emphasize the non-violent nature of your presence.

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Civil Disobedience 2012 and beyond

I know this is jumping the shark, but I couldn't wait for the primaries and general election to bring this up...

Ron stated in tonight's debate that it will take more than one individual to change the problems we face.

Assuming Ron won the presidency, how many people would be emboldened to organize and participate in civil disobedience against a federal government under his control?

I am just imagining how powerful a peaceful non-cooperation campaign could be under Paul...I know we need to win first, but with the campaign momentum building I was just musing on what could come after.

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