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I get kicked off of this Web site when i make certain comments .

This has been going on for several months and I called my service provider to see about government monetering and they conclude that it must be a DP site issue.
What is going on here at DP?

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Lawrence O'Donnell (Msnbc) Comments against Police Brutality at Occupy Wall Street

Imo, it's important for others to view this video in that it surprisingly (to me, anyway) appears to be an actual honest piece of media reporting. It's so different than the usual "news" we're given, that it captured my attention. O'Donnell speaks out against the police brutality that occurs in this nation every day! I can only wonder what motivated this broadcast. Thoughts?

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Time to Contact-Bomb the GOP with this message:

The Message:
If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, we will write him in! Ron Paul will win, or you can have Obama again!

Can we get a petition going, too?! Promising to write him in? This will shake the establishment goons!

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Video: Rand Paul Comments on Shermon Minton Bridge Crisis/Outage Between Kentucky and Indiana at Louisville

Video: Rand Paul Comments on Shermon Minton Bridge Crisis/Outage Between Kentucky and Indiana at Louisville

Rand Paul's comments start at about 8:15 and 19:30 into video...

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False Derogatory: Teabagger

Anyone notice the proliferation of the Term Teabagger as an insult to Tea Party Patriots (Ron Paul Supporters or Whatever the co-opted are).

Isn't it amusing to consider the Term intellectually and realize that by calling them/us/whatever that they are actually putting that person in the power position?

I can't find the term offensive because if I were called a Teabagger they are on the losing "end" so to speak of the statement... I won't illustrate it further you can extrapolate it to its logical conclusion.

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ABC deleted my post

I just posted a comment on the abc website that did a story on Perry's new campaign vomit.... I mean Video.

All I said was,

"This video makes me vote AGAINST Obama instead of FOR Perry.

Ron Paul 2012: The only one you can vote for.

(Capitalization is for effect. I'm not yelling;)"

I refreshed my browser saw that it was posted. Then I went back 15 min. later and it was gone.

Can't prove anything but it's pretty shady to me.

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Four Videos of Ron Paul from CS Monitor Breakfast in Washington, DC 9/21/2011


*** Video is already embedded if a mod wants to activate ***


Country, GOP More Libertarian In 2012, Says Ron Paul

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Help please; ALTERNET: Can We Win Over Ron Paul Supporters?

Please help educate these poor commenters on this Alternet article. Be nice and try not to let the nastiness, ignorance and sophomoric banter throw you off from representing the rEVOLution with style, grace, intelligence and patience.

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Constitution Day Comment Bomb! Make up for empty wallets with citizen advertising!

These are the times when what we do and how we respond to events beyond our control will really matter. None of us have as much money as we wish, and not as many people are giving as we'd like. So let's reassess. What does the campaign need the money for? Primarily, it needs it for advertising. In other words, money is the means, and advertising is the objective.

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We Need More Positive Comments on This Message Board re: Ron Paul's Stance Against FEMA

Everyone please paste in this link and erase the space in the link and place some positive comments in response to this video of Ron Paul. Thank you!!!

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Help needed in comments

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Analysis: Big economic talk, few plans from '12 Republicans--Needs Ron Paul comments!

No mention of Ron Paul in article or in comments. Lets flood them with Ron Paul's solutions to the economy ;-)

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