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New Ron Paul 2012 Ad: "Secure" (sneak peek!)

POLITICO's Dan Hirschhorn sends over a sneak peek at Ron Paul's new TV ad, being released later today.

It's a 30-second spot that puts some hawkish (and fiscally focused) packaging on his long-held dovish foreign policy. It's the second of three spots in Paul's latest $1 million-plus buy.

"The Paul plan for security? Start protecting America's borders. Stop wasting American money," a narrator says.

All told, Paul's camp is spending $2.5 million late last month and early this month on TV, mail and targeted Internet advertising, Dan reports.

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Ford F-150 anti-bailout interview

This is a commercial, but it's not scripted, this is a real F-150 owner.

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Can someone make this video or forward the idea to the campaign?

Hi there my name is Travis Strasser and I wanted to send this to the campaign and grassroots. It is a commercial Advertisement idea I have emailed to several people within the structure of the campaign. Please let me know what you think and if you can get it rolling. It has a strong message and if you guys need to make any changes of the order or add or take away anyting please fell free to do so.

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Paul going back up on airwaves with million dollar buy

Paul going back up on airwaves with million dollar buy

Washington (CNN) - Rep. Ron Paul is once again doing what the other presidential campaigns apparently are not doing: Spending lots money to run commercials on broadcast and cable television.

Basically, because its CNN, it seems as though they are trying to say, Ron Paul is spending campaign donors money frivolously on commercial Ads or buying votes somehow... "Million Dollar Buy" Whatever...

Full Article:

Ron Paul Ad:

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Restore America Ron Paul Commercial idea

I like Ron Paul's "Restore America" campaign slogan (not super crazy about the "Now" part). I think that is what people want. They've been voting that way for the last 5 years. I think he needs to use his campaign slogan more. I think one way to do it is by using it in a commercial or a series of commercials. I am not the most creative person and I do not have very good capabilities with making these kinds of things, but I here is my idea for a commercial.

The commercial can be in segments.

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Call the Gold PO-LEECE! Trump Took Gold as Lease Payment- Video

Ron Paul's shot to get a little payback on Trump. It's supposedly against the law to use gold as currency.

APMEX Opens a New Office in New York City.
Pays Donald Trump with Gold.

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Help! Anyone Here Have Experience Making Radio Commercial Spots?!


This is a great opportunity to help keep Ron Paul's name and the Rock the R3volution Tour out there for free!

While I have given radio interviews, I've never made a commercial spot in my life, and a Midwest to Texas chain of radio stations just offered to air 30 and 60 second spots about the ROCK THE R3VOLUTION TOUR for free, from as soon as we get them produced and sent to them till the RtRt goes through their part of the country in November.

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"Banned" Commercial: Ron Paul 2012 Video

lol, I hope I don't get into too much trouble for this.

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Ron Paul-Constitution Day Money Bomb-Promotion Video!

Here is a new Constitution Day Money Bomb promotion video I made. Credit to Gage Skidmore for the photo of Dr. Paul. Please share it to spread the word!

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Idea for Ron Paul Commercial about the Fed

I put together a video for what I think would be a great Ron Paul campaign commercial.

I'm not a great video editor but I hope that you see the points I'm making.

Show how Ron Paul saw the housing bubble when there was a chance to do something about it.

Show how clueless Ben Benanke was at the height of the housing bubble.

Drive home the point about the inflation tax. People hate taxes but hardly anyone thinks about inflation as a tax. Show that Ben Bernanke realizes that inflation is a tax.

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