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Upcoming Straw Polls: Orlando Sept. 22, Mackinac Island Sept. 23-25, Washington, DC Oct. 7-9, Illinois Nov. 5

Upcoming Straw Polls (Please Bump for Local/State Activism)

September 22, 2011, Orlando, Florida – Presidency 5 straw poll

September 23–25, 2011, Mackinac Island, Michigan – Michigan Republican Party's 29th Biennial Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference straw poll

October 7–9, 2011, Washington, D.C. – Values Voter Straw Poll

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Where is the Vince Vaughn/Ron Paul VIDEO?

Ok so your telling me nobody at the Liberty Political Action Conference in Nevada last night had an android phone or anything to take some rough video? I have been waiting since 5 o'clock friday night for video of a speech that took place 36 hours ago. What is going on? For the site that never misses any video, how is it that we don't have one for our own live event?

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