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America Needs A Doctor!

This post/poem is a portion of a blogpost that was written on Constitution Day @

Our cries have been many while falling on deaf ears.

Our fights have been plenty while receiving few cheers.

Our work, while rewarding, is done with few peers.

and this country we love, while ailing, remains something we hold dear.

You can’t steal it from us, it’s not yours to take.

We were created for it, in a bond no man can break.

You can’t take it from us, it’s not yours to steal.

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Do You Know What the Constitution Really Says?

When it comes to the U.S. Constitution, there’s good news and bad news. (And then some really good news!)

Good news first: As the political debates have sharpened over the past few years—since the rise of the Tea Partymovement—more and more Americans are interested in the Constitution. While academics and some limited political circles have always discussed the Constitution and its meaning, it’s striking to see so many ordinary Americans having these conversations—and embracing the ideals of our Founding Fathersand the Constitution itself.

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Promote the Sept. 17th Money Bomb NOW!

We have just a few days to promote the Constitution Day Money Bomb! The last debate showed us that the establishment is running scared. We MUST make this big!

Remember to pledge here:
And to promote here:
And be sure to comment on, and share relevant Youtube videos!

Let's make this a "bomb" to remember!

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