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The primaries are very important but I'm still concerned about the conventions

I am planning to work at becoming a state convention delegate because I see the convention as the place where the RNC will stop at nothing to make sure Ron doesn't get the nomination. They'll go behind closed doors and declare Romney or Perry or Cain the winner no matter what is said on the floor. How can we fight this? What can we do to thwart them? I don't have much hope of being a national delegate because I am not a party worker or a young 'future of the party" type, so those slots are probably closed to me.

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Dr. Paul introduction @ CA GOP convention

This rocks! Listen to the reponse! Real support from real supporters!

Sponsored by the Republican Liberty Caucus of California (RLCCA)

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"Ron Paul the unlikely star of the state GOP convention" Page A-1 on Saturday's SF Chronicle

Encouraging article that focused on the youthfulness and enthusiasm of Paul's supporters, while at the same time pointedly mentioning that "most party officials steered clear of his events."

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LA Times: Bachmann and Paul speak at state GOP convention

The reporter used great Ron Paul quotes.
And check out the photo!

"Endless wars overseas and endless welfare at home — we can't afford that anymore. We have to change those policies," Paul said. "I'm running on peace and prosperity and personal liberty, the U.S. Constitution and American tradition."

"We need a strong national defense to defend this country but not to be the policeman of the world," he said.

By Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times

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SFGate - Rep. Ron Paul Sparks Sensation at CA GOP Convention, Says Media Misreported Tea Party Cheering on Uninsured (VIDEO)

Los Angeles — Presidential candidate Texas Rep. Ron Paul – followed by cheering crowds at the California State GOP convention today — said the media “twisted” the Tea Party reaction at the last presidential debate, and argued that the conservative position on health care is both Constitutionally sound and ”compassionate.”

We asked Paul after his speech to the Lincoln Club whether health care or welfare are appropriate expenditures of the federal government. “Follow the Constititution,” he said repeatedly.

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Please Donate NOW to boost Ron Paul in the California straw poll!

Help give a boost to Ron Paul. We've done great in Ames and the Georgia Straw Poll. We in the grassroots want to make sure we win this outright!!! This will be symbolic nationwide! Thanks and let's win this!

The California RLC has funds earmarked to purchase about 100 more CA GOP convention tickets this Saturday, the day of the straw poll. The robocall described here will be used to attract an additional ~100 Ron Paul supporters to the straw poll.

From our robocall guru:

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Volunteers are needed for RP Delegate Training

We need a Ron Paul Patriot to step up and run a twitter account for the site,
We have an account, and its ready for action:

Should we fail to secure enough delegates for the caucus states, and votes in the primary states, Ron Paul will have lost the election! We can't have that happen! A twitter account with a strong leader would be ideal for spreading this vital information.

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Becoming a Ron Paul Delegate to The National Convention (Details)

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of becoming a Ron Paul delegate to the national convention but I haven't see much information about how to do that.

I came across this website

This site provides state by state information about the delegate process. Click on your state and you can see specific information about your states delegate selection process.

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Email the CA State GOP (related to Ron Paul being snubbed as speaker at CA state GOP convention)

Email the CA State GOP at

Mention that you heard Ron Paul will be at the California State GOP Convention. Then ask what time he is scheduled to be speaking (at this point, they are not allowing him to be a speaker at the event).

Other ideas: ask if it's true Ron Paul will be there, ask if Ron Paul will be speaking during the convention, mention what you think about Ron Paul and why they should have him as a speaker, etc, etc.

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SFGate: He'll get attention in CA: Ron Paul to join Michele Bachman at GOP state convention in September

As we reported this week, more GOP candidates might be showing up to the blue state convention now that Bachmann is the Friday keynote speaker -- and the party has decided to hold a straw poll that could juice up interest and passions among grassroots activists and the media in the nation's most populous state.

But John Dennis, who chairs the California Republican Liberty Caucus and is a Paul supporter, said his candidate has had somewhat of a rough time getting a foot in the door of the convention.

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