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Angry Cop Accosts Visitor To 9/11 Memorial For Taking Photographs

Like other public spaces in New York City, it's perfectly legal to take photos at the National 9/11 Memorial. And, like other public space in New York City, some cops will try to tell you otherwise. Meredith Dodson, a Georgia native who relocated to Bed-Stuy six months ago, visited the memorial on September 22nd, and had such a disturbing encounter with an NYPD officer that she was reduced to tears.


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"You Have No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy While In A Public Place."

I have been really busy lately so I haven't had time on the DP in a long time.

But I saw a post about a man facing 75 years for filming a cop in his mother house no less. (This Post.)

If I were a lawyer, I would defend my client with the same arguments that policy makers and the judges argue to take our rights away. See Below:


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VIDEO: Cop tases mentally disbabled man even though man was complying with officer

Here is a cop tasing a mentally challenged man while the man was complying, had his hands raised and was not moving. When the video starts the cop already has his taser drawn. While the man is on the ground disabled, the cop tases him again.

A crowd assembles afterwards and starts yelling at the cop that the man is "mentally retarded."

Thank god this guy had the foresight to get this on film so there is little question as to what actually happened.

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Officer Steven Segal Kills Puppy for Ratings

"The actor, who has served as a reserve deputy sheriff since the mid-'80s, was part of a team that arrived at Jesus Sanchez Llovera's Arizona house in March with a tank and armed in full riot gear, Llovera alleges in his legal documents.

Llovera claims that the raid, carried out by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department, was "unfounded" because they believed Llovera was raising roosters for illegal cockfighting. But he says the roosters are only "for show."

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