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Penn & Teller Defend Ron Paul vs. Fox News & Luntz

Frank Luntz is a propogandist tool, who knows the ways the select 25 were acquired in that room and who knows what they were told before Luntz tries to discredit the text message poll Fox had.

Video is taken from Penn + Teller Bullshit: Numbers. Frank tells them how he can manipulate what people think by simply asking the right question the right way. Based on the final clip it sounds like he's pro-Hillary.

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Paul Craig Roberts on Krugman & the Pressitutes

As an economist I have never had much patience with Paul Krugman’s economics, stuck as he is in 1940s-era Keynesian demand-side economics. I have sometimes concluded that Krugman had rather denounce Ronald Reagan that to acknowledge that supply-side economists have established that fiscal policy has supply-side, not just demand-side, effects.

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Ron Paul Plays Hardball With National Review

The cover story of the new issue of National Review is "Ron Paul's Last Crusade," a long, reported piece on the congressman's presidential campaign by the magazine's economics writer Kevin Williamson. The focus of the piece is Paul's almost-successful effort to win the Ames Straw Poll, but Williamson ends up shooting most of his ammo at Paul's "cult of personality." One reason, according to Williamson: The Paul campaign didn't like a May 2011 piece titled "Border Wars," in which Williamson identified a "change of heart" for Paul on immigration.

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Debunking Rachel Maddow by Justin Raimondo

On the theory that the best defense is a good offense, the Obama cult is going on the attack – launching a special web site, and a twitter feed,, which is devoted to refuting the “smears” being repeated by the counter-revolutionary wreckers who oppose the Will of the Dear Leader. “President Obama’s opponents have falsely suggested that the President has not been a strong ally to Israel,” the Obamaites whine. How dare anyone suggest that the US isn’t at Tel Aviv’s beck and call!

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Why The Media Should Stop Ignoring Ron Paul?

Why The Media Should Stop Ignoring Ron Paul?

A lot of politicians like to say that they are leading a movement, not running a campaign. In Paul’s case, that is actually true. And while Bachmann has seen her support diminish amid questions of her viability and some of her gaffes, Paul has no such concern because his backers don’t care if he’s not the frontrunner. They just want him to be true to his cause.

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Everywhere Should Be Like Cincinnati

There was nothing more powerful than when the "Cincinnati" debate watching thing popped up and you saw all those "Ron paul 2012" signs there despite the fact that Ron wasn't made out to be a front runner.

Every debate watching club should be as such. We need RP supporters at every single party and debate holding up signs like that to show the viewers who are thinking "I like him, but oone else does" due to the media's bias that there are MILLIONS out there who support him just like they do.

It's clear that they are losing this battle. Let's drie that message home.

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Don't complain about Media Blackout - send your finished articles to the media instead

I recently read the excellent book "Flat Earth News" by Nick Davies in which he explains the main reasons why the mass media today are just churning out distortions and lies.

The main reason he (himself an experienced journalist) identifies as not enough time for fact checking. The reporters are forced by the corporate media to just recycle what PR agencies, the government, or other sources have sent to them.

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I have had great success with this post about Ron Paul with my Facebook Friends!

I posted this last night on my Facebook. Please feel free to repost as your status on Facebook if you want. I was surprised at who pressed the LIKE button and who commented. All the comments were very strongly worded and very favorable. People whom I did not think read all of my Ron Paul posts were attracted to this. I posted this paragraph on my status:

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Lew Rockwell And Alex Jones Discuss Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign

Lew Rockwell, chairman and founder of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, is a guest on Alex Jones' Infowars Special Report discussing the presidential campaign of Ron Paul including the corporate media's attention and actions towards his campaign.

Watch the video:

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