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Politico: Mitt Romney Doubling Down in Miami Today (9/21/2011), “I told them (Iowans), corporations are people"

Mitt Romney is doubling down on his “corporations are people” line.

Speaking to a town hall-style gathering at a Miami airport hotel, the former Massachusetts governor repeated the line he first said last month at the Iowa State Fair.

“I’ll communicate to the private sector, by the way, that we like you,” Romney said in response to a question about how to encourage banks to lend more money. “We like enterprise. I was in Iowa the other day, and people suggested that we just raise taxes on corporations.”

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Why Not Rick Perry (In 60 Seconds)

Why Not Rick Perry (In 60 Seconds):

Why not to vote for Rick Perry in 2012. Please "like" and share with your friends. Spread the word!

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We Don't Want to LIVE Under a World Government (Ron Paul New World 2012)

We Don't Want to Live Under a World Government; Of the Corporations, By the Corporations, & For the Corporations!

Lets Make a Stand!
Please LIKE & SHARE this video with all of your Ron Paul friends and family. The message of Personal Responsibility and Freedom needs to be spread to every corner of our country!

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Why Don't Corporations Support Libertarianism?

Why don't corporations support libertarianism?

We've heard all too often that libertarianism would lead to corporate rule, corporate abuses, and other supposed evils of an unregulated free market. If this is indeed the case, why don't corporations support candidates with libertarian principles?

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Paul Craig Roberts : Labor Day Should Be Renamed 'Corporation Day or War Day'

Paul Craig Roberts : Labor Day Should Be Renamed 'Corporation Day or War Day'

It is Labor Day weekend, 2011, but labor has nothing to celebrate. The jobs that once gave American workers a stake in capitalism have left and gone away. Corporations in pursuit of near-term profits have moved labor’s jobs to China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Eastern Europe.


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Inflating War

Here's a great article by Thomas DiLorenzo. Central banking and militarism are intimately related.

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