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4.6 million dollar donation by J.P. Morgan led to Brooklyn Bridge protest mass arrests

Found this on Anonnews and pastebin this morning

Greetings citizens of the world,

For over the past few days, we have seen our allies occupying New York City being seized in unlawful ways.

Shortly after a 4.6 million dollar donation by J.P. Morgan, the NYPD began planning and executing their aggressive and tactful mass arrest on the Brooklyn bridge which seemed more like entrapment from the eyes of many.

In solidarity with the ones arrested, we are publicizing private information on the associated bankers and officers.

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At what point does something become a crime?

Me and a friend of mine were having a conversation after I read an article yesterday about The Mass. guy who was arrested for ordering materials and plotting to blow up the pentagon. We were trying to figure out exactly at what point this becomes a crime. Obviously in this case, the evidence was there and im glad he was stopped but at what point does something go from nothing, to an actual crime. Does a plot to blow up the pentagon just have to be heard by someone? Is it not a crime until its written down or parts are ordered?

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Putting pot in its place

With a Rand study showing an increase in crime after some medical marijuana dispensaries were shut down, L.A. needs a better policy toward such facilities.

September 24, 2011
A Rand Corp. study this week seemed to nip the conventional wisdom about medical marijuana dispensaries in the proverbial bud, contradicting statements from law enforcement officials that these facilities are magnets for crime. On the contrary, Rand researchers said, crime actually increased in the vicinity of hundreds of L.A. dispensaries after they were ordered to shut down.

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