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Islamic disenchantment with the West - in 1924

I am currently reading the novel Shackled by Achmed Abdullah, which was the nom de plume of Alexander Nicholayevitch Romanoff, who was quite a character himself. The novel was published in 1924. I was struck by the contemporary echoes in one passage. When I read it to my wife over breakfast, she said, "You should post that on the Daily Paul." So here it is (appropriately in the off-topic forum). Italics are in the original.

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Wow, Ron Paul's message crosses language and cultural boundaries

I am a 2nd generation Korean American and I recently woke up to the truth about Keynesian economics. Long story short, I became a firm believer in Austrian economics and began buying precious metals as a hedge against the continuously inflating dollar. I learned about Ron Paul soon afterward and it didn't take me long to realize that this man was speaking the truth!

Ever since, I have been trying to convince everyone I know to vote for this guy, which entailed a fair amount of extended conversations about the economy. I especially tried hard to get my parents to get on board. I had little success because they are primarily Korean speakers and my Korean is too limited to explain the complex concepts involved (how do you say inflation in Korean?)

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