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Romney ads on DailyPaul.com

I know I haven't posted on here much but I saw this ad on the site and I thought you might want to know about it...


In case it doesn't show up for you - it's an advert for Mitt Romney on the DailyPaul.com(this) website..

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FYI Daily Paul has a Chat

Did you know that Daily Paul has a Chat.

Have ideas, need ideas; well the chat is where it is at.

Come join the conversation!!!

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Msg. titles too long.

I would like people to consider making the titles of their messages much shorter. There is such a small space to hold current messages on this site, and good posts fall off very fast. If people put these LLLOOONG message titles, then there is that much less room for other messages to stay active and they drop off even faster..just sayin'.

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Search Bar

Really digging this new feature! Now I can search till my hearts desire.

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Daily Paul Chat

Hi Everyone,

The Daily Paul Chat is one of the greatest new features of the site.

After a lull in chat room activity earlier today I began to invite people from the list of those logged in to the site, but not on chat. Typically the chat room has 10 people, and about 250 people logged in.

I was surprised that after inviting people, most of them who accepted had never heard of the chat and were delighted to have found it.

If you are not yet aware of this feature, I recommend you try it out.

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YaHoo Blocked My Search For The Daily Paul

This morning, searching YaHoo for Daily Paul, Daily Paul.com, The Daily Paul.com, I came across the old ChipIn, and the copy right impression Michael Nystrom employs on his Tee Shirts, which I need to get the envelope in the mail so I can purchase one. YaHoo would NOT serve up this site. I switched search engines to Google, where this site was the top subject.

It seems to me, that Ron Paul is not just being blocked on TV (which I don't watch), but Ron Paul is being blocked by YaHoo (internet) for one, and that's part of AT&T.

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How to get a link from DrudgeReport.com

If we have a breaking or exclusive story that is newsworthy enough and enough of us send the link to Drudge he may link us. DailyPaul is the most user friendly site for Ron Paul related anything on the net. Plus.. we are just really cool and one day of traffic from Drudge could boost Ron immensely.

Drudge is our best ally we have in media.

DrudgeReport.com stats:


031,021,989 IN PAST 24 HOURS
900,957,165 IN PAST 31 DAYS
9,880,330,009 IN PAST YEAR

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New Flynndidy Ron Paul Spray Painting

I made this video because I didn't feel like I did a good enough Job reaching out and spreading the message of Ron Paul in my first video..so here it is...The NEW and Improved... RON PAUL SPRAY PAINTING...I hope all you Dr. Paul supporters enjoy!


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Daily Paul Hurricane Irene Backup Location: facebook.com/dailypaul

The DP's servers are in North Carolina, which is where Irene is supposed to hit first, and I'm in Boston, where she's supposed to arrive on Saturday night. We don't know yet how severe the storm will be, but in the event we get knocked offline, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dailypaul

Today is a brilliant, still, early autum day. The calm before the storm. Best of luck to everyone.
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Graph of Daily Paul members?

I am always curious about the rate and scale at which 'hardcore' Ron Paul support is growing. The members of Daily Paul are obviously strong supporters of Ron Paul. Is it possible to chart or graph the amount of members by month since 2007?

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